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  1. Can't believe what I've just seen on The Range's facebook page. S.R.S ranting on about P.E.'s ticketing of customers. I thought all these PPCs were in one big club together.
  2. Yes I know. Its not a bad deal really..............I've already had a BB for 6 years so I guess I shouldn't grumble.
  3. Thanks again everyone......I guess I'm really stuffed on this one. And just to confirm it I've just received my "Rejection of appeal" e-mail. 35 Sovs down the drain, but they have extended the discount period for another 14 days. All heart aren't they?
  4. O.K. Thanks everyone, I'll wait and see what results my appeal bring. I guess it going to be 35 quid into the council's piggy bank though!!
  5. Thanks letsgetitsorted, I had a vague idea that that's what should have happened. The "Observed" time on the pcn was 12.02 to 12.04 i.e two minutes. and that was one of my appeal points. I had arrived before then of course but don't know if the ceo had actually recorded the first sighting. I went away before the 3 hours was up however. Maybe I should request to see some sort of proof that the car was seen earlier than12.02. The ceo did attach an extra ticket with the words "Your clock is missing or obscured so we do not know your time of arrival" which seems to indicate that 12.02 was the first sighting.
  6. Just got a council PCN for not displaying my "Time of arrival" card alongside my B.B. on a single yellow. Usual £70 reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days. Just wondering, does the Not a genuine pre-estimate of loss gambit carry any weight here, or not apply to council PCNs?.
  7. Really I don't see how these are losses. O.K. so they have bought ANPR cameras. signs, ticket machines, uniforms e.t.c. but they still own those items so they own their intrinsic value. They have not "lost" anything, just that the value has been transferred from cash to these items.
  8. So what's happened.? Has there been some sort of legalistic veil of secrecy drawn over this issue, or has there to be a certain length of time before it can be made public.? Not being a "legally cognisant" person I don't quite understand.
  9. I've read the transcript of this case and noted that the judge ordered Mr Simon Renshaw Smith to appear in court last July following the case hearing in May and to bring with him some documentation to substantiate his claim against Mr Ibbotson. I cannot find any details about this July hearing anywhere. What was the result anyone??
  10. Just spotted this in this week's T.V. listings. "The legalities (or otherwise) of coucil parking fines." It may be worth watching.
  11. So what do they do now? Is this a permanent ban or can they re-apply when they have cleaned up their act.
  12. What a result.Could make a nice article in the local press!!
  13. Well, they won't get their pound of flesh out of this one!
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