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  1. Thanks 45002, I did suspect that this was the case. I want to try and keep things civil with the letting agent to avoid an eviction notice until I am in a position to move out. So my options are to either sign up for 6 months and hope that if something comes up I can drag it out, Or ignore further communications from the letting agent (save for any eviction notices) and continue to pay the rent as normal?
  2. Hi all, I have rented my current property for 8 years and have always signed and renewed my tenancy when it ends. However, I am now in a position where I can put a deposit down on buying my own property when something suitable comes up. My tenancy comes to an end at the end of October and the letting agent have asked for my intentions, their option being sign for 6 months or vacate the property (their original email to myself). I queried the possibility of moving onto a periodic tenancy to which their response was this is not possible, only to resign my tenancy for 6 or
  3. Just to update that this has been resolved and received a letter this morning from PE that the charge has been cancelled!
  4. It's what I thought, I've emailed the admin clerk who deals with the Car Park permits. The land is owned by the college.
  5. Bit of a weird one, I received a Parking Charge Notice from Parking Eye for parking at my works car park (which is shared with a college and a health centre). To enter/ exit you either need to be swiped in by an attendant or use a keycard (which I have). They are claiming that as the Car Park is a permit only/ authorised parking only and that I have not gained the appropriate permit/ authorisation I am now liable for the parking charge. 1 Date of the infringement 25/09/2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 29/09/2
  6. Just to let you know that everything has now been resolved. Shame that I had to resort to contacting the suppliers directly rather than letting Tuffnells sort it out themselves. Thanks for your help all!
  7. I emailed the sender of the package, after much Googling. They have now managed to arrange a collection, after three phone calls from the courier to confirm the best day and the address that the collection can be made. So hopefully my hallway will be clear by the end of today. Thanks for your help all.
  8. Good morning, hope I can receive some advice on my next steps. On Friday 28th September I received two large packages (as expected) I signed for them and as I was taking them back up to the my flat I suspected something wasn't right. When I checked the labels noticed that one package was meant for someone else. I immediately checked online for a contact number (which turned out to be for the local depot). I rang them to explain and gave the details. I was assured that they would contact the driver and ask him to return to collect. About 4 hours later I had heard nothing so I called ag
  9. They've agreed that I've been mis-sold, just a difference in figures from my calculations to theirs.
  10. Finally had contact from the FOS. Frustratingly they've agreed that HSBC's calculations are correct. So now just waiting for the updated offer.
  11. Refund of ticket (at least for that part of the journey if it was a return ticket). Compensation may be possible depending on the circumstances. Here is the web link for Grand Central http://www.grandcentralrail.com/customer-service/getting-a-refund
  12. If it was the Grand Central train that was cancelled, then you would be better off gonig direct to Grand Central as East Coast would only refer the matter to Grand Central in any case.
  13. Also, you normally don't get paid sick leave (at least statutory sick pay, company sick pay may differ) for the first 3 days of being sick. Some companies may pay those days as holiday if you ask but they don't have to.
  14. As Locutus said, a PAC cannot be refused. It should be generated within 2 hours of the request. I wonder if there was a confusion at the Talk Talk side between a PAC and PUK (2 different things).
  15. It sounds like a cross over - the summons was issued before the payment was accepted. Speak to FCC and explain you've paid to settle out of court but now have a summons. They should be able to rescind the summons.
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