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  1. Hi, Since my post above I have rechecked my credit score and tonight it seems to be an amazing 999! The Barclays default is not there anymore and also they now show my proper address along with my previous addresses. What is your advice on how I move this on from here? There is an amount owing that I am willing to pay off, but not the excess charges made on the amount, the amount has nearly tripled, which are due to them sending correspondence to the wrong address. Do I sit tight and do nothing in the hope that all has been resolved and if it hasn't the debt gets sold on? Do I
  2. Hi, I am the friend FMZ refers to and further to detail FMZ posted. Thanks for all the advice thus far, but I must be very naive as I have been in contact by phone from the pretty much the outset as I have called the numbers given to me by Barclays. I do have an official complaint already lodged, by the Bank Manager of my local branch, about the fact that I was never informed of the debt that was owed at the time of my partner's bankruptcy. The Bank Manager also texted me the number for Barclays Recovery Dept to call. My dispute is not been about money being owed, which I would h
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