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  1. Thanks IMS, The Judge is a little over welming but I do work for a a law film so I might be able to get a little help from them. I'll be reading this forum before taking any "serious" action, again thank you for your help.
  2. Is it the same form, The reclaim bank charges form? I know I have to send the £10 off to each bank for the complete history I have with them, to which they have 40 days to provide me the details, which is the first step. For a new guy, this forum is a little hard to navigate.
  3. I've had four Credit Cards and two loans, but over six years ago now, Does the six year limit still apply to CC's and loans?
  4. Over the years I've had a number of accounts with a number of banks. Egg, Barclays, Halifax capital one, to name four. I'm currently with a debt management program (Via Gregory pennington) and was wondering what the status of the bank charges were? (Are we still able to claim) I started to claim vs the Halifax, but moved a number of times, and forgotten all about it.
  5. Afternoon all, My partner recieved a parking fine notification a few days ago, (first two letters the same day) saying that A - She had parked without paying. B - Printouts of photo's of the car leaving and entering the car park. I've looked around, however people from 1999-2007 state that they cannot force payment due to no legal backing, is this still the case? IE: Ignore them. Many thanks for any and all help.
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