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  1. yea that was the plan, but thats another problem I have with Brighthouse lol, we moved town last year and to a different Brighthouse branch, but the old branch refuse to let us change branch, so in order to remove the insurances we have to go through to the old town where we lived and hand sign documents, we cant do this as we have no car. Now there excuse for not changing store is that they cant do it while theres a current dispute (TV issue).
  2. I actualy have a decent amount of things still in contract with Brighthouse, and have been a customer for nearly 4 years, and only been late with my payments once or twice in all that time. I gave them an option, I wanted to put the 32" in my bedroom when/if i got it back, and take out a 3D Smart TV for the living room, I offered them to forget the 32" TV if they would give us money off the Smart TV, but they refused that and claimed they cant do compromises on NEW TV's only reconditioned ones.
  3. I know what I'm gonna do, record them telling me its covered by accidental damage, then if they dont replace TV sharpish I'll take recording to my lawyer, sounds like a plan. thanks for your info Lefty
  4. I understand that Currys or Dixons wouldnt replace a broken telly after 2years, but I was told by a member of staff inside Brighthouse that my TV was covered for accidental damage, so if what you say is true then they have mislead me havent they? Edit: Also, when we gave Brighthouse our TV back we told them if they were going to write it off, we didnt want them to as we could have claimed on our More Than home contents insurance, only reason we didnt claim them first is because of the £100 excess, so we thought we would try our luck with the Brighthouse insurance first.
  5. Hi, my partner has a 32" HD TV from Brighthouse, unfortunaly it accidently fell and broke, so we figured because we had insurance on it we would get a replacement TV, so we sent it to Brighthouse roughly on the 15th June to see if they could fix it or replace it, they have had it since and given us no temporary replacment TV (like they have given us in the past), they said its un-repairable (which i suspected), and now they are claiming since they cant find a TV which is the same model and age that we have to pay £250 (split into weekly payments) for a replacement (newer but same model) TV. I dont want to accept that as while they have had our TV our contract ran out with them, so its fully paid off, I could understant and accept there offer if I still had an outstanding debt with the TV i wanted fixed. is there anyone on these forums that could help with this issue? I would be extremly grateful. Thank You
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