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  1. I cancelled it as soon as I got cash out to last me a week!
  2. Oh, and the reason I found out so quickly is because I regularly check my account and that morning was about to pay some rent when I noticed I suddenly couldn't afford it!!
  3. Thanks guys for your replies. Firstly it was online buying, so I'm guessing the person who skimmed me must have copied those details from somewhere online. It could be so easily done... how often do you pay for something and give your card details to someone over the phone/in writing? I seriously wouldn't begin to think where they could have got the details from. One thing I do know is that I am very careful with my actual card, I keep it on me at all times, don't let it out of my sight, shield my pin etc. I guess it was just one of those things. My bank have been helpful in reassuri
  4. Two days ago a man somehow got my card details, bought loads of clothes with it, and even donated a bit to charity! I rang the company with which he'd indulged and a lovely lady gave me ALL the details, including address (the one thing he'd be honest about). I immediately rang the police fraud team and gave them the details. Turns out though, my bank have to decide who's the victim before anything gets done. Either they repay me and the problem's in their hands, or they refuse to refund it, in which case I have a reference to give the police and we continue with the case, leaving the bank
  5. Just to clear things up, it was last weekend the washing maching first broke, and we knew by Thursday that it was properly broken. The licence that the landlord has not got is something to do with HMOs. According to the council, the landlord cannot issue a section 21 without this licence, and cannot get this licence without supplying a recent list of checks (gas, elec etc). As we are still getting shocked, I'm guessing he's not done this. I've not got personal and insulted the landlord, my beef with him was that he tried telling me how he's too busy to sort this out, when one 5 min
  6. It doesnt say anything in it about fixtures and fittings being repaired by the landlord. Is there a basic law that covers this?
  7. Hello... this forum is my only hope to save my sanity. Last week our washing machine stopped spinning. It got 'fixed' and worked for a couple more spins and then broke again. This time the company that fixed it the first time diagnosed it as old and kapoot. They phoned the landlord and he said he'd replace it and would ring the following day (which was yesterday). So at midday yesterday I rand the landlord seeing what he'd done about the problem and he said he'd not got round to it but he would. Last night I rang the company to see if they'd heard from him and they hadn't. This
  8. Just wanted to say cheers to everyone for their help. A man from the council came round (and drank all my tea!) and found a load of things which violated landlord regulations. He's not got a licence which means he is breaking the law, and getting this licence required a full inspection of the house so we're covered! Watch this space though for updates of harrassment and bullying from the landlord, cos I'd be pretty ****ed if I was him! HAHAHA!
  9. Hello We are a group of 5 students living in a rented house. Recently we've been getting little shocks off the light switches, and we've already told the landlord twice. He's a nice man but a little on the lazy side and although I've seen evidence of him investigating the first occurance, we've since had another shock off one of the switches and now I am quite concerned. Also the lights flicker a few times each day. Is there anything that forces the landlord to come round, any checks that should have been certified that we can ask for? Thanks Helen
  10. Please help me. Last academic year I lived in a shared house billed by the above. We had numerous problems with the housemates and I wrote to SP to alert them that one of the housemates had left and the bill that was in his name would need to be changed to the remaining 5 people. I didnt hear any thing for months after sending the letter, and then 3 days after I moved out I got a letter from them to my home address (which I never supplied them with) saying that I owed them £1000. I had my share of £289 in my bank ready to pay them, but the amount they were billing me (and me solely,
  11. No court hearing, and judgement due to them not filing a defence in time. The amount they agree to pay me in the letter is for my charges, court cost and interest.
  12. Right, so I got an offer in full and final settlement from Mr Keith Jeremiah for the amount I was asking... but he wants me to sign some consent order that says: Consent Order By consent it is ordered 1)The default judgement entered on 20 sept be set aside forthwith 2) The defendant serve a defence within 14 days as from the date of this order 3) There be no order as to costs. Is this ok to sign?
  13. That's what I thought and there's nothing on it apart from the bit about there being no order as to costs. The only letter they sent me that says they are going to pay me the full about says 'without prejudice' on, so does this mean they can get away with not paying me and I cant use the other letter as proof that they said they would?
  14. Thanks for your responses. Firstly, both letters need to be signed by me and have been signed by the bod at barclays, with a copy for me to keep... and it's for the full amount I am claiming. It also has a section saying "You will see that it makes reference to us filing a defence... this will not be necessary as we intend to pay you, but we need to mention it inthe Order." And it does say 'without prejudice' on it.... does that make any difference? So I'm gonna just sign and send. Money Money MONEY!!
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