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  1. Thanks Ganymede, I know exactly what you mean!! Well after a horrendous few days I think its all been resolved - I spoke to Merseyrail prosecutions yesterday and also went to the Court which dealt with the complaint - I had to go back again this morn first thing to swear an oath (statutory declaration) that I didnt receive the notifications in the post and didnt know about the court dates or action, which of course was true. Ive been back in touch with Merseyrail and they said that they will send me another court date but I will have the option to settle out of court and pay a fine..Also the
  2. Hi, thank you, I will try that then.. Thanks all for taking time to respond to me, much appreciated
  3. Hi, thanks for your advice. I don't even know which court or when - hopefully I can get some more details when offices open tomorrow.. Might I be liable for court costs and expenses then? It seems crazy to have got to that stage without me knowing a thing about it. Id happily pay the original fine, I have to admit my foot was touching the bar, stupid I know but I cant get away from that. Would object to paying court costs and bailiffs expenses tho :o( What might I face for giving false details? I just panicked, had no idea who these people were and suddenly I'm being read my rights! I k
  4. Hi, thank you for getting back to me. The letter says that there has been a Magistrates Court order as consequence of the nonpayment of the fine. It says they have confirmed that this is my address and that as I have failed to deal with the fine or respond to letters to this and/or my previous address (although I haven't had any to this address) then the bailiffs will attend to remove goods for sale and levy distress! I cant believe this is happening :o( Thanks for your help and kind words Sharon
  5. Hi, I really hope someone can help me - this is my first time using this site. Last August I was approached by 2 Merseyrail byelaw officers, and asked to remove my foot which was resting against the metal bar of the chair in front. I immediately apologised and did so. However they then sat down and questioned me and read me my rights. I repeatedly apologised and asked if I was in trouble and was told no. I know this topic has been covered before here but it was the first time Id ever heard of this and I didn't take it too seriously at first. I was annoyed and bemused by the w
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