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  1. Hi, Hope you are all well, just writing back to let you know what has happened since we last spoke, following me sending the letter that you suggested, I got a letter back from Moorcroft saying that my file was on hold pending their investigation. Then I got another bill for the amount I dont owe from Orange, then the next thing is I got the letter below just today: Dear Companyname Re Orange Personal Communications Balance £140.04 To prevent the above possible legal action please send payment before 31/08/11 or Telephone 0161 475 2811 immediately. If you do not contact us following reciept of this letter we may have no alternative other than to reccomend to our client that solicitors issue legal action against you which may follow. Please note if legal action isnecessary and if solicitors instructed are successful in entering judgement then your debt may increase as follows: They then highlight that they will add £90 to the current amount they say I owe them if they are successful. Please do contact us now. Neither we nor our client want proceedings to be issued and it is still possible for you avoid this by agreeing a repayment plan that you can afford and maintain. End________________________ Naturally I have not done anything other than just write back to the site, to a) keep you a breast of the current situ b) ask if I should do anything different than I am already doing, (ignoring them).The envolope was addressed to my partner who is the secretary of my old limited company, but the letter itself is addressed to the Limited Company name. I do not owe this money since the contract was cancelled in March. Thanks, Jon
  2. Hi Locutus, Many thanks for your assistance, I will send the letter you suggested out first and see what comes back before deciding the next step. Thanks, Jon
  3. Hi guys, I agree watchinginvestigation2011it seems to me that these type of companies are running a mock and the only people making money from this appear to be the courts/solicitors and often the companies who treat us like this. They are still keen to take our money on the other hand for the mobile my partner has from the time we changed the contract in March. I like many other people are just disillusioned with the regulators who seem to do little or nothing while these people continually take the mickey. I would like to put in place a strategy to deal with this and as part of it report them for this, they know we cancelled this contract and as you rightly say so do the guys at the shop where we purchased the new phone from when one of the phones was swapped over. Hi Locutus, Thanks for your reply too. Firstly I am going through some hard times at the moment and I am struggling to make regular Full payments on my mortgage, so my credit record is most probably trashed anyway and this is something I have to put up with for now until I am fully out of the financial mess. I have a plan and am executing that. The letter they Moorcroft have sent is addressed to a limited company that I used to run but has not traded now for some time, therefore will this appear on my credit record, just not sure of the significance, however it may be worth me checking it anyway just dont want to depress myself any more unless I have to . Thanks for all the advice so far. Jon.
  4. Hi, Can I just seek some assistance on a debt matter, in March 2011 I cancelled my telephone subscription with Orange. I did it at a phone shop who made the call on our behalf and passed the phone to me to verify that we wanted to end the contract. We also followed this up with a letter a short time after.Next thing we know we are sent a few bills from Orange telling them that we had cancelled the phone contract and they will see from their records that it has been cancelled and not used at all. They really tried it on saying that we cancelled one of the phones but not the other one, we advised them that we did and if they check their telephone system they would find the call we had made. They appear to have ignored this and just kept sending us the same bill out. Now they have passed this debt to Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited. The telephone contract was with a Limited company I have which is not actually trading at the moment and reads: Moorcroft Letter____________________________ We have been instructed by ORANGE PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS To collect an overdue debt of £104.04 It is a legal requirement for you to send a notice of 'Intended Litigation' before legal proceedings in the County Court are issued. We believe that this letterfulfils this requirement even if it is not read by you. To prevent legal action being taken by external solicitors instructed to act on behalf of our client it is essential that you settle account without delay.Payment should be submitted in full to us in 7 days or contact made with this office immediately, by telephone on 0161 475 2811 or by letter, with your payment offer. Failure to contact us by 10.00am on 10/08/11 may result in legal proceedings being issues against you without further notice. If proceedings are commenced and judgement is entered, this may increase your debt because of the addition of court costs and solicitors fees. We would draw your attention that if judgement and an order for repayment in full are obtained abnd remains unpaid, it will be open to our client to consider enforcement of debt by application for other legal processes (eg Attachment of earnings, instruction of baliffs). You should also note that should judgement be entered against you tyhis may affect any future credit application you may make elsewhere. ORANGE PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS has informed us that upon reciept of full payment they will re connect your service and willnot charge a reconnection fee. If you would like to take up this offer you should contact us to arrange full payment and suppkly your bank details so that a direct debit instruction can be implemented in the near future. Payments to be paid to ORANGE PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS All payments must be made payable to "Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd" and forwarded with this letter to the above address. The above balance includes an administration cost of £10.46 which has been added to offset some of the costs already incurred by our client. Yours Sincerely. END______________________ So this is the first letter I have even had from this company and already they are jumping to threateneing me as well as using what I am sure they believe is standard procedure (intimidation). They offer no proof that we owe the debt and cannot even make their mind up about who they say the funds should be paid to? The main question I have is could someone please advise me on what strategy I should follow on this and should I contact them (Moorcroft) who I actually dont have and never have had any business dealings with. Also is there any other bodies I should inform/involve about this situation, it seems these people are being allowed to demand monies in an intimidating way whenever they wish, without any sort of regulation. I must stress I do not owe this money since we called them and wrote to them when we cancelled the contract, in the end we put one of the phones back on contract with them under a private name rather than a limited company name so they still retained one of the phones and now they want to charge us £140 for their incompetance. Any help/advice you can give me would be much appreciated. Many Thanks, J.
  5. i, I wonder if I can ask some advice on a letter I have been recieving from Arrow Global Guernsey Limited,this company have written to me a few times now saying I owe a large amount og money, about 1.8k. The letter gives me absolutely no information about where I incurred this debt and I dont know anything about Arrow Global Guernsey. Now I did have an IVA that is now discharged (about a year ago). I am wondereing if in this ridiculous banking/finance system we have, whether or not someone has just sold on an old debt (dis-charged) and this company are just trying to extort money from me. So far I have not contacted them because I dont want to get this wrong and end up being liable for some debt that is not mine, also in contacting them I am worried that I might enter into contract with them or something. Could someone just assist me in understanding what process I should follow here: Letter from Moorcroft Our records show that despite our previous letters (this is the first we have had from Moorcroft) you have failed to make any payments to us and therefore your account has now been passed to our Home Collections Division for action. This may involve our local representative calling at your home address in the near future to seek to assist you and try to establish how you propose to settle the balance outstanding. If however you would prefer to agree a repayment direct with this office, or you believe there is an outstanding query on this account, you must telephone us no later than 8/8/11 We would emphasise that if no staisfactory agreement is made with us or our local representative you may leave us with no alternative but to reccomend to our client that your account may be appropriate for further action. End____________________ Many thanks for any advice you can give, from reading your forums it seems that you guys are very knowledgeable and are also helping people like me which is awesome. Thanks, Jono.
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