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  1. sorry, internet has been cut off so in library. loans are with: cash genie £280 pay day express £340 quick quid £300 capital finance one £450 cheque centre £600 text loan £234 also £1000 to very and £250 to capital one i don't know about ppi or how i know if i have it. i have protection on my catalogue that i pay for but i didnt ask for it? i sent emails to all the companys but they're asking for a lot more than i can pay. i literally can't affod to live at the moment. sent emails i'd seen on here to ask for plans. luckily phone got cut off too today so
  2. I've read a lot of the things on here before joining but i don't know what to do anymore, i can't cope. I have 6 pay day loans along with a catalagoue account and a credit card. the loans just got out of control. i earn about £150 a week and i just can't do it anymore. the loans all went bad and i've tried to get them to accept things from me but they won't. had to keep rolling two of them over again this month because i'm so scared. thing is, i had to borrow £140 from my mom to pay them this week and she wants it back tomorrow. i don't have anything. not a penny. haven't
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