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  1. OK so just a quick update. I ignored them to see if they would chase, they sent me an email threatening court action and how i would get a permanent CCJ if it went to court etc. I said I had not received such a letter and to email the third party invoice to me (originally the letter was sent to my guarantor) and we would go from there. Once they send it over I will email back giving your advice, we will see what happens. Plan is to basically drag my feet as much as possible. I'm interested to find out what is required by them to take us to court, I doubt they have pictures of the property after we moved out, should I request them? Also I don't believe we signed an inventory, thought i might be wrong, should i request this is sent to me as well? If they cant provide either one I can say that they have no case and put them off taking me to court. Also, if worst comes to worst will i need to hire any legal representation and what will i need to say to win? haha... all these things going on in my head!
  2. Thanks for the advice, if it was to go to court and I did lose what would be the implications? Would I receive a CCJ and have to fork out for their legal fee's etc etc? I'm unsure.
  3. haha, let me try again! Property was an top floor flat, living room with kitchen, small bathroom with bath/toilet, 1 bathroom on that floor and some stairs going up to 2 more bedrooms. 5 rooms in total lol. The tenants (myself and 2 others) signed the agreement in witness The guarantors signed separate individual agreements with NO witnesses. thanks for your help
  4. Yes, all cleaning. We did sign the tenancy attached to the post. They didnt do an inventory and I didnt sign that because they didnt have anything when i moved in!!! I'll post the letter i received once it comes through. They also didnt provide a hoover for us to clean with haha. The guarantors signed a separate document, was not witnessed.
  5. Hi guys, Read some pretty decent posts but I'm not really sure if they apply here. If you could offer advice I would be grateful. Moved out of my property a month ago (30th June) and today received a letter demanding £1000~ pounds in cleaning charges, I paid a one off fee of £150 and NO DEPOSIT. If I'm honest we didn't clean when we left due to the place not being cleaned or ready when we moved in, probably not a good move but we couldn't move in for 5 days and when we finally managed to there were no beds/sofa's lol. Basically my landlords are a bunch of 3 cowsboys who are uni drop outs and cant run a business. Anyway, got this letter which I will post once I receive it from my parents (guarantors) it covers all sorts of stuff apparently like removing blue-tack (had no posters, think my house mate had 1) for £45 etc etc. In the tenancy agreement, there are no details of these made up fee's just £125 for cleaning if required and £60 per appliance and there was only a fridge freezer and washing machine (see page 15). I've attached the blank agreement, its also worth noting that no inventory was taken/signed. They don't have my new address at the moment, council do though. Really I would like to know a few things: What action can be taken against my guarantors to recovering these costs if I do nothing? As there are 3 of us are we all at joint liability? Will these unacceptable demands stand up in court as they are not in the contract? I also wrote my own agreement before we moved in which said they had to clean and provide a bunch of stuff which we both signed, they did not meet the requirements of this agreement! (probably wont help at all) Thanks in advance for your advice/help. Appreciate I should have cleaned up but these guys are seriously undeserving rude obnoxious little rats and don't deserve a penny. UnEDITABLE TENANCY AGREEMENT.pdf
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