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  1. Okay....So I just send a SAR with the ISME (shop direct) account number to Aviva?
  2. I have a shop direct account (isme) dating back to 1976 that I tried to make a claim with but after many months of waiting They have refused to pay back any money on the grounds of the PPI was sold before 2005! Can I now go after the underwriters (Aviva) If so could you please advise on my first steps? Thank you
  3. Just to update on this: I have not received any money back from very or a reply to The completed CI Sheet with a reclaim charges letter,( sent twice via recorded post) Although I did get a reply from the complaint letter basicly Telling me that they felt I was delt with fairly and they now consider my complaint matter closed (so that was a waste of time) They have now stopped the charges but only because I'm now on a debt management plan with CCS, Do you think I still should be able claim back the charges and if so whats my next step?
  4. Hi journy man, A signed copy of the consumer credit agreement, which I must have signed back in 2005 came with all my other account information after sending the SAR , So unfortunately I can't get them to write the debt off like you did The signed consumer credit agreement they sent me does state a interest rate of 32.9% though so maybe i can get somthing back there? As the current interest rate is 44.9%
  5. Ok great thanks' I'll get them posted out first thing tomorrow. The total to reclaim stands at £534 so heres hoping its swiftly dealt with
  6. Ok so as well as sending The completed CI Sheet with a reclaim charges letter, I should also send a complaint letter in a seperate envelope? Also I'm in the process of setting up a debt managment plan with CCCS so would you advise me to deal with getting these charges back now or after the dmp is in place?
  7. Thanks dx, I've completed the The CI Sheet, So now I asume I send a print out of the completed CI sheet with the Reclaim charges Letter template to very?
  8. I finaliy received all the infomation requested with the SAR and each of the £12 charges amount to £324, Now all I need to do is workout the interest thats been added to the charges as they date back from 2007 upto 2012. The interest rate states 44.9% on my account so how would you best advice I work this out? as like i said the charges date back to 2007, Thanks
  9. I opend the account with very around 5 years ago
  10. Thanks for the great advice Guys although I'm still unsure if its worth sending a CCA, I Recieved a acknowledgement letter for the SAR so hopefully they should be sending me details on all the charges asap, Im not sure what you mean by "Catalogue cd" Ford?
  11. So is it worth me requesting the agreement then if what you say is how they work?
  12. I think I can recall them sending me a agreement a couple of years ago but I never signed or returned it to them.
  13. Thanks for he info slick, I Phoned them today just to get a update on the balance and I was told its unchanged as the account has now been closed pending a outside DCA to take it on, So There will be no more charges applied, Only problem they wouldn't accept a new payment plan to clear the debt saying i will have to work that out with the DCA when they contact me. Am i best now just waiting untill the DCA get intouch and work somthing out with them or write to cahoot now requesting a plan quoting the lending code? I take it I wont be able claim any charges back?
  14. Yes I'm in Financial Difficulty due to job loss, cahoot were told this the first time i made contact
  15. Hi Slick, The plan was set up about 8 months ago for six months, Yes all payments were sent on time via a standing order i set up with my bank, After the plan expired I recived a letter telling me so and requesting the outstanding balance now in full, So I contacted them to set up another plan only to be told there wasn't another one for me even though i'd kept up all the payments on the last one, Only option was to pay the full amount or the debt would be passed to a outside dca and of course untill that happends the £30-£35 monthly charges would continue again, So now its been 2 months since i last made contact and i've heard nothing from them, I'm expecting a letter from a dca anytime now with a higher balance than how i left it after the plan expired(cahoot seem to be dragging there feet with this so they can add as many charges as possible before passing to a dca) I've sent no payment since the plan ended as it was pointless due to the charges being added again
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