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  1. I am starting to claim for my other accounts now, should I mention that I have won with my other account or not?
  2. I'VE WON!!! JUST PICKED UP MY MAIL AND THERE WAS A CHEQUE FOR MY FULL AMOUNT!! THANKS FOR EVERYONE WHO HELPED Good luck to every one else, time to start on my other 3 accounts now!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
  3. I recieved my court date yesterday for the 23rd January It says that I must send a copy of all documents that I intend to rely on during the hearing to al partys by the 9th January, can anyone help with what I may need. Thanks P.S does anyone know where I can get a copy of the interview it mentions with Peter McNamara in the FAQs
  4. Hi Thanks for you advise, Glad to hear that you won, I have read everything twice and still worry im doing it right lol there is nothing better than when you realise other people have had the same responce and won however there is nothing worse than when you read something that is different to the way you have done it lol. I will keep you posted on what happens but hopefully not long now
  5. Hi Yes I have just been reading all of the other posts and I am just writing the letter. After reading everyones posts I am feeling quite confident now as alot of other people seem to have had the same responces as me and won SO FINGERS CROSSED!!
  6. Hello Today I recieved a letter from Cobbetts with the usual our client considers that my challengers would fail in cort etc however as a good will gesture they offed me £900 (I am claiming £1800) I am just wondering what the best way to reply is to say thanks but no thanks.
  7. Thanks for replying just for my peace of mind can you shed any light on what para 2 and 5 in their reply mean?
  8. After reading through a few other posts i noticed that my main difference is that they havn't mentioned CPR18, is this a good thing or not?
  9. Hello Had Cobbetts defence through today, this si what it said: 1. This defence is filed and served without prejudice to the defendants case that the particulars of claim do not disclose reasonable grounds for bringing a claim against the claimant to recover the bank charges (and interest theron) referred to in the particulars of claim or any other sum(s). In the event that the claimant does not properly particularise his claim then the defendant will apply to strike out the claim and/or for summary judement in respect of the same. 2. On alllocation the defendant invites the co
  10. HI Ok today was the last day (day 28) before I could apply for judgment and guess what Cobbetts at the very last minute put in a defence. My question now is what happens now and what are my chances of still winning as although I am prepered to go to court on the step by step guide it says that I should have had a refund by now and that this is highly unlikely, is this still the case or have things changed Is any one at this stage or have been through this already and help and advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  11. Hi I trecieved my responce from Cobbetts, they have filed an Acknowledgment of service and have ticked the box "I intend to defend all of this claim". Is this good, bad or normal? has anyone else had this? if so what happened next? I have not sent a list of my charges with the 8% interest to natwest since my Moneyclaim, should I still send it now they have responded and if so who to (natwest or cobbetts)? thanks
  12. I submitted my moneyclaim form online and have recieved my letter from the court. I am just wondering in my perticulars of claim I said that I would send a copy of the list of charges with my break down of my claim. I am just wondering what kind of info I need to include in the letter to Natwest?
  13. Thanks Have just completed my money claim online, so fingers crossed.
  14. Hi Still filling in my money claim forms and I am just wondering what I need to put for the particulars of my claim? I have just put that I am claiming back unfair charges on my account from over the last 6 years and then given my account details Is this enough or do I need to put anything about why I believe its wrong? Also can anyone tell me what I can expect one I submit my claim? i.e. will I hear from the court etc? Thanks
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