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  1. My father recently retired early on his occupational pension but is not old enough to claim state pension. He stopped work to become the full time carer of my recently seriously disabled brother and it was suggested he claim carers allowance as it will still help with NI contributions until he is 65. He meets the criteria to claim. We know that CA is a taxable benefit but have been unable to work out how the tax is paid when you get an occupational pension and claim a taxable benefit, and how much he would be due to pay. Does the tax come out like PAYE or is it self ass
  2. Good News! Just wanted to let you know that I did write to the college and they agreed to waive the debt in its entirety as they admitted they were at fault while I did attend. Sadly the DCA, Incasso didn't respond to any letters I sent them (all special or recorded delivery) and even after getting written confirmation from the college waiving the debt, the DCA continued to chase the debt including a threat not to approach the original creditor under any circumstances about this matter. As they did this they continued to increase the amount of the debt without explanation or a breakdown.
  3. Having problems replying to Caro. It's not the SLC chasing me, it's a DCA working on behalf of the college. The college failed me on so many different issues that I. Was forced to leave before the end of term 1.
  4. No it's a different company, one I've not heard of before
  5. I got a letter from a DCA demanding college fees from 2010. I was forced to leave after1 term as the college wouldn't give me the next terms Timetable in time to arrange any childcare. Timetables were circulated the day before term started. They are now looking for almost £3000 from me. The total years fees were £5800 On a point of principle and the fact I have no income as a disabled person, I don't want to pay them. How can I stop these people (prelegal dept) taking further action or Money? Really panicking.
  6. I was very seriously ill when I took out a credit card with cahoot about 10 years ago. I had a DD set up and it was always paid on time at minimum payment. This hasnt changed. My situation hasnt changed much either. Initially, I lost my job and the payment protection paid of half the debt leaving me with £2300 to pay off. Obviously this will never be paid off at this rate. I am still paying the minimum but my financial situation is about to get MUCH worse. I am now getting better slowly and trying to retrain to get back into the workforce (hence drastic reduction in income). I don't
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