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  1. I have been advised that the receivers would look at the sale of the house as under valued and therefore, they would suspect it was underhand and my parents were hiding their assets.
  2. Sorry i had to be rather hurried earlier, but i needed to attend an appointment with my father. A little bit more detail regarding my parents situation: Mortgage outstanding £86,000 value of house £105,000 ish Other debt £40,000 Mortgage monthly repayment £900 per month. As i previously mentioned, they have both recently retired with a pension income of £1300 per month. They cannot afford the monthly repayments on the mortgage, let alone their other debts. We have been to Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and although at a stretch, i could possibly purchase the house, th
  3. thank you very much. i will look at that as an option.
  4. Is it possible for me to purchase the house from my parents and clear the debt with Acenden and still go after them for the unfair charges?
  5. Ell-enn, having read all your support previously to steph, i was hoping you might pick this up soon. My parent's arrears are £4000 ish, but i am unsure if this is just interest. I believe the whole outstanding balance is around the £86,000 mark. If you are available, i would like to post a couple of questions? Baxterboo
  6. I have recently found out that my parents (just retired) have a £86,000 mortgage with Acenden, with a monthly repayment figure that equates to 2/3 of their monthly pension income. They have paid a mortgage for 25 years and watched it go up, rather than go down. Although they have not received a repossession letter as yet, i don't think one is far away. I really don't know what to do, so any help advice would be appreceited.
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