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  1. Well my partner rang Hydro, probably against better judgement......However they investigated it and found it to be an issue with the opening balance. Upon correction it transpires they owe her £62.97! So imagine my delight in telephoning PDCS to tell them this. We are expecting a cheque and final bill in the post. I'll send that to the monkeys with typewriters at PDCS. Edit: A copy of the final bill, not the cheque ;-)
  2. Thanks Boo, What's the best letter to send to the OC then 'cause at the minute we've nothing to go on, just a text and a phone call. I'll be furious if they've mucked about with her CRA!!! If they have is there a course of redress?
  3. The problem is twofold I guess: firstly why has it taken two years to supply a 'final bill' despite giving a forwarding address, and staying with the same company, and secondly, if there is any liability who does it belong too, that is, are the meter readings correct for the time period of occupancy etc. I guess we will only find out the answers by ringing Hydro direct which I'll get my other half to do later. I believe it should fall under back billing, after all if you supply meter readings then it shouldn't take 2 years to generate a bill surely. I'm also positive she would have done t
  4. Well I've called PDCS and they claim it's from 2010! Is there a time limit on utility accounts for collection? We are planning on ringing the Hydro later to check meter readings etc. it just seems fishy that it's taken 2 years to generate a final bill, and they haven't sent it to her forwarding address, they've just put it to PDCS?
  5. Thanks Uncle. The problem is she left a rented flat some time ago. I wouldn't put it past the landlord / agency / tenant from trying to pass debt onto her. Can these chancers mess with your CRA file?
  6. Hi All, Partner just received a text from PDCS. Now I know she has no debt whatsoever. But in the text they are quoting a Hydro Gas case number? She doesn't want to just leave it though. Any help appreciated.
  7. Thanks to all, especially Brig for the letter template. Much appreciated as always.
  8. Brig, I absolutely know what the debt is (Barclaycard sold to Aktiv Kapital), but I know that it is recently SB as my CRA shows last payment and then the default date. I've cross checked bank accounts and no payments made (as far as I can possibly tell) in 5 years.
  9. Had a letter from Scotcall stating they'd be coming 'round to see me regarding a debt that's done the rounds with BCW and Aktiv Kapital. Long story short is I believe it now to be SB. I'm moving soon so they'll have fun turning up at my old address, which will be empty and only accessed by security doors! That said I don't want cards etc put through the door as it'll be my old landlord / agent who'll receive and I don't want my neighbours 'questioned' or my business known to all and sundry Best plan here?
  10. So Scotcall cannot visit you at all in Scotland?
  11. Latest letter from these cretins threatens me with a doorstop 'debt investigation agent' They claim that on previous correspondence they informed me I'd be subject to legal action as this is what they'd recommend to their client (Aktiv Kapital) yet now they will be sending a pensioner in a mac to 'investigate' me. They are laughable. If they were satisfied legal action was the way forward, hence their recommendation, why have they not pursued this? Seems to me they are clutching at straws. I'm satisfied I've made no payments in 5 years so it is SB in that respect, bu
  12. These idiots will not stop calling me. Here's an example: "Hello" TD - "Hello can I speak to Mr x please" "May I ask who's calling" TD - "Mr X it's Trust Deed Scotland" Now it's clear at this point they think they're speaking to me, despite me not confirming this. They then become argumentative if I tell them I'm not interested in what they have to say. They also fail to acknowledge that I have not confirmed my identity, yet they continue to call me by my Christian name. I am royally fed up of them. I owe them nothing and have no desire to use their services, yet they'
  13. I've had the same letter; thus far no action. My debt is SB to the best of my knowledge so I'll sit back and see what nonsense they come up with next....... Ultimately it comes down to this: if these companies had any chance of recovery they'd have done something in the first instance and long ago.
  14. Seems everyone is of the same opinion What's sad about all this is that had they tried to help in the first instance I could have possibly done something. Due to a lack of understanding, compassion and ultimately greed they can foxtrot oscar!
  15. I am really tempted to send a sarcastic SB letter as I know I've not paid in 5 years. However I've found a letter from my doctor I copied and sent to my creditors around May 07 which asked for charges etc to be written off as I was unwell when entering credit agreements (bipolar affective disorder) and unlikely to be working in the foreseeable future. They refused. So I'm concerned if I did send the SB letter they may have my previous letter on file thus acknowledging the debt in the preceding 5 years.
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