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  1. I wasn't sure on legislation that's why I asked. Its a brewery who issued a high court claim for rent/goods totalling £39k, currently stay in proceedings for negotiations we admit approx £14k of debt the rest disputed, we have no more to offer so why secure a judgement against us, what do they gain?
  2. Can anyone help, I believe there is some legislation which states that a creditor should not start court proceedings unless they have something to gain. A credito has accepted £20pm for a £25k debt in a without prejudice leter yet want to proceed toget a judgement for debt, we have no property or assets and can afford no more than £20pm so judgement will be of no benefit? Can anyone advise
  3. Hi booked a small break in April using Travel Soon (who are ABTA bonded) apparently they acted as Agent for You Travel (who are not ABTA bonded) however we were not aware of this. The break was for 3 days all inclusive. When we arrived in resort at midnight our transfer took us to Hotel and Hotel was closed, we subsequently found out it didnt open for the season until 2 days after we left!!! Unable to get hold of anyone from Travel Soon until the following morning, they contacted You Travel who initally said Hotel was open and we had not showed up!!!! Eventually they transferred us to a differ
  4. Our argument is we agree to the money owed on the account for goods purchased, but not the rent that they have charged for the properties. They have however lumped it together as one amount for goods???? Any help with AQ would be great if you have ones against pubs??? Do I try and negotiate with solicitors directly or just deal with the Court????
  5. what does this mean??? Will a Judgement still be entered into, Im desparetly trying to avoid a CCJ of this size??/
  6. I submitted a defence based on they did not allow time to reach a settlement have ignored attempts to settle, have nothing to gain by taking Court action as we have no assets or money and they they should re plead their particulars of claim, I have now received an Allocation Questionnaire??? W
  7. yes i have a financial interest in the property its the property i bought with my ex partner, hes prevented my access to it
  8. Advice needed During 2007, I fled a jointly owned property from an agressive partner, a company say they have issued a CCJ against me at this address and have been successful in obtaining a charging order against the property. As i had no access to the property I never received any Court paperwork. I have also received my credit report after the alleged ccj was obtained and its not showing on my credit report as being obtained, how do i remove charging order and how did they get without a ccj????
  9. Can anyone help, myself and my partner used to run 2 pubs however due to lack of support from the pub company and also extortionate rent we quit in February 2012. During March 2012 we wrote to pub company confirming that we wished to make an offer of repayment of any sums owed in respect of goods however disputed the level of rent we hd been charged on both pubs. We received no reply. In November 2012 we received a pre action protocl letter from pub companys solicitor , we sent a lengthy reply stating we had wanted to make a repayment offer in respect of the o/s goods but disputed the rent and
  10. Im after advice on a number of issues surrounding my employment, on 30th January 2012 I commenced employment for an organisation. About a month ago they told me my job role would be changing. They then advertised what I consider to my my job role albeit the job description was changed slightly but effectively doing the same thing. I havent been given a new job description for my role. I applied for the role and had an interview on tuesday. In the letter it said I would be interviewed by 3 people. However at the interview I was only interviewed by two. The interview was scored. All the other ca
  11. Sorry for the delay in responding to this in total my original debt totalled £695.62, I actually repaid £989.62, so paid £294.00 over the debt presumably in charges. Do I have any recourse on this and who should I complain to????
  12. Well guess, they won, spoke to Council who werent particualrly helpful she said they could charge reasonable fees and that these get covered before the actual debt! Repaid the debt in fulll of £105.62. Was then told Bailiffs were prepared to reduce their fees by £168, but that left a total amount outstanding of £294, paid it under duress and due to intimidation by Bailiff, clamp has been removed. Account satisfied. Not sure if I have any grounds of complaint or recourse now or any chance of seeing any of my money again?????
  13. They have this morning returned at 640am and clamped my vehicle and are now driving round and round the block!!!!!!
  14. These guys are really a nightmare!!! Here is the letter that I today forwarded to the Council and AJE. Which details everything: Dear Sirs, Re: Your Ref: NPT14235, PNT02609, NPT14676 I write with regard to my recent dealings with yourselves following your instruction by Neath Port Talbot Council to collect outstanding Council Tax debts. I understand following confirmation with Neath Port Talbot Council that the amounts referred to you for collection on the three accounts were as follows: £332.86 referred on 14th May 2010, £94.70 referred on 27th May 2010, and £268.06 also referred o
  15. Have read the newsletter just concerned regarding the timing of it all!!! As I think they are likely to take the car in the next day or two???
  16. So should my tactic be to write to the Local Authority and set out my concerns regarding the charges ie, the 2 enforcement fees and the bounced cheque fee and pay the balance to the Bailiff??? I am concerned as obviously they are not prepared to hold any action and say anothyer visit is imminient????
  17. To date I have paid them £590. They are claiming £567.62 outstanding. Does the levy still stand in any event as I have moved goods from address they were levyed at? Should I just hide car or sign it over to partner?? Reckon they will show up tommorrow
  18. Here is their latest reply when I asked for them to place a temporary hold on the account for me to seek advice re charges??? We have clarified our position, there is no discrepancies with the charges that have been applied to your account they have been charged in strict accordance with the appropriate Council Tax Regulations. Recovery is on-going and we would strongly urge you to make immediate payment as additional statutory costs could be incurred upon our further attendance which is imminent.
  19. Sorry, I have already requested a full breakdown what I received was basically what I put in my initial post.It did not give times of visits or Bailiffs names who attended just dates and amounts. The Bailiff Company is Andrew James Enforcement in Swansea. The Council is Neath Port Talbot Council
  20. Hi, yes he did get me to sign a walking possession agreement, I didnt let him in as such I live in a pub so quite easy for him to walk in. He levied my car on both accounts!! I have all the dates of the charges. I dont have a lot of the original paperwork as I have moved since the levy/walking in possesison took place. From what i can tell the original liability orders were as follows 1st debt £210.06, 2nd debt £137.20 and third debt £332.86 The first REMOVAL NOTICE i was charged £125 was not completed fully and just has account number on The second REMOVAL NOTICE i was charged £125 has
  21. Can anyone tell me if I am being spoofed by a local Bailff for outstanding council tax debts??? The breakdown is below of what I owed and what I have been charged 1st Debt original debt - £268.06 Charges added 22.50 for first visit, 16.50 for second visit Total charges £39.00 2nd Debt original debt – 137.20 Charges added 22.50 for first visit 24.00 for levy 11.00 for walking possession (same day as levy) 125.00 for enforcement visit 0.00 for 2 further visits Total charges £182.50 3rd Debt original debt 332.86 Charges added 32.00 levy (same date as other
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