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  1. i have been waiting for some advice brighthouse have rang me over 50 times and harrassed my refrences like my mother in law and freinds i dont know what to do im to scared to go into the shop ive written a letter and had no replys
  2. hi there thanx for your help i have read the facts sheet but it doesnt put my mind to rest phone start at 7 oclock in the morning harrassing text messges telling they dont need permission i know i shouldnt but o have buried my head kept my door shut and if some one knocks i door me and my kids hide i have never been so scared they take your last penny i dont kinow what to do im sure ive paid over a third my life is bounded to the house and hiding
  3. omg i have sat here all weekend waiting for brighthouse to come threw my door i was told over the phone because iam 4 weeks late no fault off my own i have been waiting for tax credits to be sorted i was told they can come and take the goods back with out my permission first i was told they can just kick the door down then the next call was they are coming with the police i have been terrified all week end and scared to go out i have 4 children and just dont know what to do they phone 50 times a day then they told me they was going get a court order can anyone please give me advice
  4. hi i have been with bh over 2 years and never missed but while my tax credits was being sorted i have gone behind with payments bout 4 weeks now iam trying my hardest to get it sorted but i had a phone call saying they was coming to get the things back and come threw my door without my permission i have sat here all weekend worrying when my door going threw as i have kids what advice can you give me can they do that
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