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  1. Just wondered if my dad could get a part exchange when he goes into the shop..
  2. Hmmm..I see...So not even a part exchange ?..He is going tomorrow so just wanted to find out if He could get anything out of this ! haha
  3. and could you also tell me why he can't get the money back..Is it because it was too long ago?
  4. Thanks for your prompt response Could he not ask for a refund if he promised to use half of the money on a laptop in their store?
  5. My dad spent £800 on a laptop in March.Illogical because he does not need a laptop that is so expensive. Recently he had to take it in because the harddrive was damaged and a new one was put it. If he still has the receipt, can he take the laptop in and ask for a full refund if he is willing to spend maybe 400 on a new laptop in that same store. I know on their website it talks about a 7 day period for returns, but can he get a refund if it was bought months ago?..If so, what should I get him to say ? Thanks Very much
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