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  1. Yes, cheer's Gary, I had selected the one specifically for the Barclay's lot. And thanks for writing them for us; you've saved many people, many hours. No, mine's not a block hearing, I've been allocated a whole hour! How to fill it? I know - where's that Tractors Weekly?....!
  2. You see, that's not what my directions said. Mine said:- “4. Decided cases and other legal materials should not be filed but served by 5 April 2007 and brought to the hearing for the court.” and there was no section d). Copies of prior correspondence were not asked for either. I really think the court (well, Northampton County Court certainly) is getting fed-up with being sent these huge bundles for cases that are never going to get to hearing. I think they are running out of shelf space. Had got a copy of that GaryH statement (second one) and used it as my Statement
  3. That sounds good. Fingers crossed then. My court date is 13th of April (so I should expect a letter anyday now!). Going to post my bundles off recorded delivery first thing tomorrow. I'm not going to send the same to each - I'm just sending the court exactly what it asked for and no more, and Barclays will get the bulky file:- "Please find enclosed documents to be filed in accordance with the directions I received in my ‘N157 Notice of Allocations to the Small Claims Track’ letter dated 22 February 2007. “2. The Claimant shall by 22nd March file and serve:- (a) a sc
  4. I know, it's all such a farce now. I've done the work now so I might as well post them. I cobbled together 2 basic court bundles last night - For the court -Schedule of Charges - Statements (highlighted) - Statement of Evidence (GaryH's; the one that opens with "The claimant submits that...." and ends three pages later "...disproportionate contratual penalties and unenforcable at law". That's all their directions asked for. For the Barclays Legal Evel Knieval Eagles - as above, supplemented by - - Relevant Case Law to Penalty Charges (from 'court bundle' on this site)
  5. I know what you mean though - it does go against the grain doesn't it?! I suppose the court has been inundated with identical bundles lately; I expect the banks are getting a bit short of shelf space too!
  6. But the court directions specifically state Isn't the Court requesting that I send all the bunky stuff to Barclays, but not to the court? Won't I upset the judge if I ignore this and send a load of case law to the court as well regardless?
  7. A good night's sleep and another read through - it's all much clearer now! Steve, are you going to send copies of the relevant case law to Barclays with your bundle (but not to the court because the court doesn't want them 'til the hearing?) or forward them to Barclays later? I have to file and serve the schedule, statements and Statement by the 22nd, but not serve 'decided cases and other legal material' until 5th April. Did you manage to find a copy of Robinson Vs Harman 1848? How are you sending the bundle? In an A4 ring binder? I'm not sure what it's supposed to physically l
  8. ....... that'll be me sat here preparing my court bundle then! Tried to phone the legal Department, but got the answer phone - they'd all gone home earlier (today being Friday). Monday I'll try again, but I really need to get this bundle prepared to be posted-off on Monday in case I have no luck on the phone. Anyway, the Directions require me to file and serve- a) A schedule of charges b) copies of statements c) a statement of evidence That's all. The court is not asking for copies of correspondence and "Decided cases and other legal materials should not be filed but served
  9. Ok, thanks for the tip. I read the Welshman V Barclays and will ring and hopefully speak to Alex, or Rebecca or Anthony tomorrow. That would be great to get a good settlement without ever having to research 'aussie parts'!!! But with just a few days to send off my court bundle, I'd better put it together anyway, just in case. Maybe this time tomorrow.....
  10. No, n n n n nooo, the blinkin' bundle's has to be 'filed and served' by 22nd of this Month - only have a few days left, must post on Monday... nolonger able to in complete sentences... fading fast... I thought the court bundle would just be a load of tedious printing from the archives - I've just read Calvsta's thread (from the above link onwards anyway). (No offence towards esteemed contributors intended, give me a few hours and some more strong coffee and I'll have clued-up on all of it). However, I shall start with highlighting the relevant lines of my two, new copie
  11. I'm certainly losing my bottle now, having just read all this thread (admittedly, it fast became a skim-read, through the small spaces between my fingers!). Just sat down to prepare my own court bundle, read this thread for suggestions and pointers - gone from to in 10 minutes!!!
  12. Ok. Triplicate, triplicate and thrice triplicate! Thanks for your help. At what point can I claim back expenses such as photo-copying, registered postage fees, heavy court bundle parcel postage charges...etc?!
  13. 12th March 2007 I have finally been given a court date! April 13th at 1.45pm "The claimant shall by 22nd March 2007 file and serve:- a) a schedule setting out each charge repayment of which is sought, showing the date, amount and the alleged reason (if any) for that charge being made; b) copies of any statement or document relied upon as showing that each and every charge has been made; c) a statement of his evidence, if such is to be relied upon as tending to show that the alleged charges have been made, or that they are irrecoverable as penalties or otherwise." Now then
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