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  1. Bankruptcy is pointless. Personal injury element of the debt.
  2. Before you pay anything get a breakdown of what's what. Is there any interest charges etc. It's highly unlikely leavers or the mib will issue without having the chance to recover the outlay. If there was a court case then you'll have been named as co defendant. Also did you ever sign any thing when the mib agent visited you?
  3. The 37k will consist of personal injury, damages and an overwhelming percentage towards the claimants legal costs. What's the name of the solicitor/ collection agent instructed by the mib?
  4. Quick one cos my minds gone blank. Charges on a current account @ 25 notes a time due to a dd failing. What's the protocol for asking mr natwest for them back. Cheers.
  5. Hmrc use 10 Dcas to collect outstanding taxes that people cannot/will not pay and monitor their pet monkey with close scrutiny with regards to compliance. I'd say that the likelyhood of a central contract being withdrawn and the extra business that will come from being a hmrc poodle being withdrawn isn't worth the corner cutting that you could get away with on say a purchases debt.
  6. Live on my own except for the weekend when the better half lives here. £15 -20 a week tops. Lidl. Aldi. Iceland. Market. Buy things like bacon sausage chicken etc in bulk and freeze. Did a casserole Sunday for four. Tea last night then her work dinner, y tea when I got in. Costs about £4 a time.
  7. I have shall we say a family friend who has outstanding fines which he can't be arsed paying. Now he did live at home but is now MIA. The issue is the red letter has arrived. Where does one stand with regards to the enforcement types going after 3rd party cars...
  8. It's a standard letter issued by a collection agency. I would suggest your nit picking to avoid paying it.
  9. Adult friend finder is an adult website designed for people to hook up for no signs nookie with the memberships being paid by a continous payment from a card so how would a debt arise from this?
  10. Which one was it? The one in barnsley?
  11. How 'big' is she.... Sorry had to ask.
  12. Go buy a cheap knackered car from the scrap yard. Real old banger. Park it so it makes it extremely difficult for him to manoeuvre from his drive without causing an obstruction to he highway. Make sure it's sorn/ taxed / insured as required.
  13. Sorry but you've no obligation to call up a random stranger to discuss any potential debt that may be owed. Couldn't give a stuff if you think it's burying your head in the sand or not. It's plain common sense.
  14. From it fitting in a taxi I would say it was a body board more than a surf board. I'd better stop carrying my fishing tackle on trains....
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