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  1. Oh I did, thank-you, they say the truth hurts I even had the time to listen to a Payday Lender's solicitor believe it or not (yes they do exist) - calmly, was treated with the greatest of respects and it actually helped enormously, it is part of the reason I've reined myself in, gone and got professional debt help AND only give my experience (which I'm still free to do as anybody is entitled to) So it is ok for you to throw the abuse round on these 'companies', have opinion and somewhat misguide, yes but evidently not others who have lived through it, you need not worry I intend this to be my last post
  2. Yes mention partner - There is evidence elsewhere which is also rather public they do and can take this situation into account, one rule for 1 must go for all I'd say!, (I'll try and find it for you) and nobody got anywhere in not asking - the same thinking could apply to the FOS in my opinion it comes down to how the companies conduct themselves being (horrid telephone conversations, badly written letters or not even responding yes that did use to happen) and the part we play in helping or not helping ourselves - people who go to the FOS at the very outset without battling it out first or attempting any payment are of course not going to get the answer they would like
  3. There is quite a few more recent threads (then this) with their bank details posted last resort try this http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?298608-Lending-Stream&highlight=lending+stream For obvious reasons I really think your best asking them bearing in mind this is a public forum and age of postings just saves another thread of 'Lender say's they haven't received my payment'
  4. My barclays bank card was taken today and I was shown out of one of the 2 supposed friendly banks for "bankrupts" Co-op also won't open an account because they say they have to link it a previous account (again another basic account) that got hammered by supposed brokers when I was up to my eyeballs in payday loans, once upon a time So the Halifax could be my last resort, before I have to think about a managed paid for account I have NO debts at all with the HX, but will I be ok to hold an account with them still? I did have a very strange thing happen a few months back in that I think the Easycash acc must have allowed me an upgrade and so I was given a current account ! (decided not to have overdraft but was glad to be finally allowed counter service at the Halifax) as well as keeping the Easycash account part too therefore am I right in thinking I don't really have to inform them of my DRO, unless I was trying for credit which isn't about to happen anytime soon!
  5. All I can honestly say is that I remember my first QQ payment delayed in being taken so your post immediately kind of rings bells, but was only by a couple of days, and I got a notice because they wanted to and did charge me above the loan amount try emailing them? rather then call Also see if you can get a Sheffield address to send postal orders - their recent media highlights aren't putting them in the best light now I'm afraid and I wouldn't trust any banks concerning credit debts right now Worst case - QQ passes to a harmless debt collector (which may be better for you) Don't kill yourself trying to pay of these scummy loans in to much lump figure - it isn't worth it I know, I know I've changed my views quite a lot recently!
  6. I wouldn't waste time keep emailing even, they ignore many emails - what they have done is similiar to that of their 'unsuspecting punter trick' send off letter of notice, you'll start court procedings in 7 days if no return Hope it won't come to this Moneyclaim online will cost you £25 to submit, really does work and you can also get the claim fee back if successful, sure they might try drag it out 4 weeks+ and say their going to defend but it will be worth the wait May also be worth going to the FOS as well (because they do like easy money when they receive a complaint about this particular lender it seems!) - hope get you some compo to, why should you suffer due to the bank
  7. Ok, have to say I'm still no further forward... In the end I rang my approved intermediary who said we should add the balance of the account to the DRO and that was prob the best way of dealing with it rather then stress trying to write letters of complaint and all honesty I don't believe in the FOS - the AI said to expect my account to be frozen or closed down officially if the order goes through Barclays refuse to listen and sent a letter saying my case is under investigation by the senior team and that will take x weeks to respond, in the meantime I have had to proceed with my debt relief application and today a funny thing happened.... I received a statement (unusual because I understand statements were now issued quaterly) and guess what it now says Cash Card Account / Current Account !!! makes me wonder if they did upgrade the account without my knowledge?? BEWARE EVERYONE WHO THINKS THEY HAVE A BASIC ACCOUNT UNDER THE GUISE OF THE CASH CARD ACCOUNT! Anyhow it seems on top of this "over draft" fisaco they also want to charge me £8 - which I'm happy to pay though how do I if Barclays will suspend my a/c and £12.74 is taken care of by the DRO - any credit I put into the account will now surely be gulped up into the £12.74? If I must write letter of complaint can I do it to the branch direct or Customer Relations - but is there any point? @ Slick, creditor was a CC - Vanquis (who say thanks very much for your payment) that Barclays allowed out for £31.00 when there was only a balance of £18.26 in the first place ! Barclays claim a 'financial link' was created by past payments made!!!! and that they had to allow the transaction through under FSA rulings - must be payback as I didn't incure any problems with PDL's raiding my account so I am so shocked at what is now happening I'm sitting on the edge of my seat what happens with Barclaycard !! thats for sure as their another creditor who yes had past payments to Barclays barking.pdf
  8. Same here BB - you wern't alone I had just under 2k was turned away by the charities and your 'old mates' actually rescued me in the end (I know!) OP - your best contesting charges yourself - NEVER leave it to someone else
  9. You know what, me to! it reminds me of another similiar company that used to write reviews for themselves... I mean you don't suddenly change your business ethnics overnight and this is all to convenient errr believing someone's financial difficulties over live chat ... wow the OFT investigation must really be working or Txt loan are setting themselves a precedent!!! I hope all the txt loans customers that were massively charged above and beyond, get after the company as their obviously due money back if Txt Loan can now wipe charges
  10. Hi all At my witts end been into bank today, don't know if I'm being given the run around Long story short, the lovely Barclays Bank allowed from my cash card account (to me a basic a/c!) a payment to one of my creditors, (non priority but bank says otherwise! can't believe it) only thing was there wasn't actually enough money to cover this but they still allowed it out omg!! at first they said it was the FSA fault because (their words) when someone has a credit debt now the FSA demand they allow payments anyhow regardless of balance when someone's credit report score could be damaged (is this bull?) I've had debts a long time, never heard this before and recently my financial situation has changed for the worse so much so I have poss come to the point where I need a DRO and can't believe this has happened, now I have to explain to the I.S that money was paid out I DIDN'T HAVE All day long I've been on this, at first the branch manager argued the FSA point but later in the day admits the bank is at fault I'm so confused, is there anywhere I can go - can I approach the FSA myself with this as a complaint as I think it stinks to bring the FSA into in when basic accounts are there for a reason and I was told I'd never have overdraft facilities It is not looking like I will get any money back, (£13 defintely isn't mine anyway but my basic account now looks like a current account with overdraft apparently I won't get charged just balance un-minus when any money goes in - don't have this in writing though!!!) my creditor refuse to talk to Barclays as my Branch Manager gave me her mobile number to give them and then says she doesn't know what else to do, I hadn't realised telephone banking and branches all have different ideas! - Tel Banking say I have been given a £15 overdraft at the banks discretion to cover embrassement which I didn't want/never know about, but branch this morning just laughed and said they don't know what their talking about Really don't know what to do so looking for advice/someone to give me the facts
  11. Yeah connected in some way to Lending Stream tho I do remember them claiming to collect for others... and was informed "Resolution Recoveries is a seperate legal entity and not part of the same group" Don't expect RR to be efficent or honest I ended up refusing to deal with them with my LS repayments which they gave in to (thank christ) and Lending Steam *took* the account back strangely
  12. I would say good idea yeh give details of old account and only put over what is needed at any one time x https://help.wonga.com/help/payments/overdue-accounts/repayment-method QQ I was ok with DD - absolutely refused to give card details though as well! and just kept thinking they want to play games I can easily close the account - I'll always believe it helped it was a basic/cash account, not CURRENT ACCOUNT
  13. Nope, Payday UK do allow standing orders... stand firm Wonga's details on their site
  14. aaahhh glb92, you need this address [email protected] Customer Relations Dept PO Box 255 Bicester Oxford OX26 4ZY Keep chipping away, you've done the right thing and got the right mind frame, I found as soon the complaint went in all phonecalls ceased and they were quite quick to write back if it means anything I've been dealing with them nearly a year so they do, do long term plans my only advice is don't go short to pay of large sums to any of the companies to be free quicker - I did and it has kind of backfired - don't let it be you x Big Hello Bombaymix !! :-) Are we both now rid of Payday Express !!!!
  15. OP You mention about PDUK... Have you actually heard back from 'Customer Relations department'? (this is the department you need) you may have to raise a complant (make it known write official complaint clearly on letter/email) to be heard because I'd bet your dealing with one of the loan processing droons who will say *anything*
  16. Real pity, you don't follow all posts isn't it... Cannot agree more with renegadeimp, your posting history speaks volumes oh and the choosing to offer one person a 4 month plan and, the next a 12 month one, (not very fair so don't expect a "fair" name) sometimes you'll charge a default fee, sometimes not at all, that is why there is so much ill feeling and tension on sites like this I also find it interesting how you have choosen to pick this one thread compared to plenty of others out that have been stuggling with QQ weeks or months...
  17. No more rollovers, you tell Payday Express you would like a repayment plan based on £1 as you've no income coming in - you can prove to them you are in receipt of such, and there is not much they can do Please whatever you do, do not give bank statements to this lender I've seen to many sad stories featuring the 'responsible' lender imo
  18. Part of me would say you did really well getting any refund straight off, believe me £100 is a lot to receive back as physical money! Although it's your decision I'd be inclinded to leave it, put it behind you - least it is one less to worry about and you won't have incured extra charges above and beyond what was originally owed Both times I claimed back - I had to fight (quick repayments were about my only stength really) and in no way was there any massive sums coming my way! the 2nd time round was for a pityful amount but nonetheless I can't and won't ever regret what I did You could try the Financial Ombudsman Service but I'm not wholly convinced they do agree to every case.
  19. OK, first of I'm pleased for you to get sorted personally I think the bigger known payday lenders do stuff by the book most times, there is a valid reason why you should communicate in writing but again I'm glad you won't need it I also appreciate how easy it is not to reply to an email! Imagine how you will feel if you come acoss someone else's experience who have everything in writing and guess what, didn't have the above charge? I feel for you you've lost all evidence of quering this through higher channels if you wanted to because £40 is a lot of money! if your paying this up relatively quickly I'd definately query it! On the phone it is easy to accept this sort of charge isn't it? they will have tapped into your emotions to which can't be shown on paper I hope you are in control of payments? Oh I recently contacted Payday UK myself sent them a letter - they sent me one back today that easy. Though I notice they are not so keen on giving names anymore just sign on behalf of the lender name! lol!!!
  20. Yep I had 247 Moneybox about a year ago - repaid higher amount compared to what was initially owed that said they were ok (were the first to act on my correspondence sent) and accepted a repayment plan of what I could afford at the time - think I was paid up in 5 months The charges were stopped as soon as I spoke to them and my account was not raided when they probably had opportunity to do so Be prepared for these to phone you at work !! Payday UK ok - will try and debit your account on payday regardless!
  21. If no reply try sending letter - old fashioned I know... Other then that - facebook perhaps, whatever you do don't phone unless you can record I've never dealt with Wonga personally - see the Wonga thread section on here for other emails addresses to try I think there are a few more there? Though really once it has gone and is in your sent box , it is not your problem especially if your using their official site quoted email address and do the above and keep copies of everything Don't forget to cc. yourself! (really works wonders ren!) thanx!
  22. How can there be a demand of this amount even when it can be proved, all debt charities say it's 50p to £1 payments in this situation along with being repeatedly told PDL's are the lowest priority but then these are always the charities that stand back... I know I'm no expert but really feel for you and hope you can get a reversal - just keep at it nice lengthy letter me thinks x
  23. Totally agree x You have to make your own justice, it can be done once loans are paid of never give up hope, I wanna be the lady that throws her necklace into the water rather then shut her eyes for the worst (never liked the film much but it has got me through this)
  24. Always surprises you who the better ones have been huh. yeah I know that feeling. Been free from taking payday loans a whole year next month so there is hope no more dodgy scams either - woo hoo, amazing what happens when no longer applying for these scummy loans
  25. with a DD they control for how much. But it has to be in writing and this becomes their noose dg. I know you must be scared/petrified but honestly that trick worked for me and knowing I held some power helped - easy to cancel a dd and free to close account if wanting to play silly beggars !!! of course I paid what they wanted, when they wanted and also incurred a small default charge in truth on a 4 month plan back in the day least it got rid of them once and for all and so it is evident through my bank account this was one loan I actually paid over for, and to which the bank in their defence have never let QQ access my account even some 7 months on after my final payment that is my only godsend - in fact QQ have never tried because they know our dealings are finito Even if it did happen now I am confident I would win having paid back plus a bit more and I'm not afraid of issuing court papers myself . Tough cookie now Like I say you have another option of waiting for a DCA don't forget, which if I'm being honest is your only probable way of setting up any standing order to pay QQ back
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