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  1. Old lift in block of flats not working and got stuck in it do not use it unless really necessary, started to walk down stairs fell nasty head injury concussed is the landlord to blame for keep lift in good working order for residents in block of flats?
  2. Been sent all around the place, not sure what they are playing at, they now they have inclusded some details to Transport Focus to help resolve issues. Said reason their name was on bank statement Arriva use to sell ticket to public and they are company that is responsible for the matter. Could not make it up!! Does anyone know the name of CEO of virgin or should I sent to Richard Branson ? Seems they want to wash their hands of it, but I will make sure thats not going to happen...
  3. Found out virgin says it arriva fault as they did not updated their system and virgin past complaint on to them, but last part of train journey was with west coast train not arriva. Don't know how arriva comes into it now. Apparently train got into port same time as ferry gate closed. Not sure about guaranteed connection but feel it’s relevant tho..
  4. Found out today ticket should not have been sold and need go make complaint to Virgin.
  5. First part of train journey was with Virgin to Crew & from there on it was with West Cost trains that is the company fare was paid to on card statement she is going to contact them to get exact time it arrived at Holyhead on 12th Oct. According to Irish Ferries Customer services at Dublin saling was took off at 11.50. Irish Ferries says not responsible and it up to customers to make it on time for sailing. I feel whole thing was misleading no one wants to take responsible for not been given incorrect information at Euston Station for combine tickets to Dublin Ferry port.
  6. Sorry it been a long day and I am in middle of ascertain full details will post tomorrow. T:oops:
  7. As soon as she got off the her schedule train at ferry port she went to check in but it was closed. The ticket was combind one with schedule with 2 changes which she got well within time. The ferry company are they are only responsibe for sailing not for trains getting in on time. Not sure if train was late or ferry left early. If train was late it would have been no more than minutes. She was left waiting at ferry port for hrs until next sailing which took hours longer than the Swiff she was booked on therefore had extra expense at other end ie taxi fares. She sent all relevant info to complaints office in Diblin but it seems they do not want to know
  8. An elderly relative of mine book train and ferry to Ireland via Hollyhead. She got all relative train connections as quoted on tickets when she got to Holyhead the ferry had left without her. The customer service at ferry port said it was train fault. She been in contact with customers services at Irish Ferry port and they also said it not their fault and she is responsible for making it on time to get ferry out she and other passagers had got off train and went to ferry port to find check in had closed. Surely the ferry should not have left without all passengers and train should have infromed them there were passengers on train for ferry. Irish ferries were not concern and said it was her fault for not making it on time. They seem not to want to take any responsibility for passagers once fare been paid. This meant waiting at ferry port for hours and longer on ferry time on ferry 2 hrs extra. Any suggestion go forward with compaint would be appreciated.
  9. Would be grateful for some advice pls. LA in middle of carrying out works inside residents homes that were given no choice in the matter whatsoever. Their contractors doing decorating but only the area they had to do work on, other area in same room left undone therefore the room looks unfinished decorating wise. Can they do this look awful partly decorated which means residents has to finished it and cannot afford to do it. Can council do this ?
  10. Need some help on how to stop Capquest phoning and leaving message on my answer machine to contact them in relation to letter they sent on 28 May 2016 saying there is £746.57 owed to them with reference number on it. Also say they are looking after Arrow Global Guernsey Limited with account number on it. On credit reference agency dated 2009 there was nothing on it saying money was owed to them. I think its an old ccj that they are after. Just want to stop them contacting me as it is stressing me out. Any advice on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Do not be surprised if the Housing ombudperson will agree with housing assocation you maybe 00001 they will take up. I understand that their panel is made up of ex conncil CEO's and will protect establishment.
  12. Keepmote merged with Apollo and are billionaires contractors according to insidehousing. Council use them and they have terrorised most residents, especially vulnerable people, Council policy to do this in London. Took 16 months for council to change bathroom to shower room left without toilet for weeks and no bath for over 16months.'nighmare of nightmares'.
  13. Is there a time limit for small claim to be made ie week or month prior to when the damage was done to my home please..Also they know their contractors done damage to lots of people home in area, but told me they did not spend any more time investigating it. Their contractors harassment residents shocking...got evidence of it.
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