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  1. Thanks AndyIs it worth contacting them first, explaining the error of their claim and trying to get them to drop it?
  2. Claiment is LINK finacial amount is correct but particulars state that we entered into an agreement with GE Money in 2000, The actual Loan was taken out with First National in 2000. Until 2003 First National had no conection with GE money. The loan also included a ppi payment added to the initial balance. I will have the means to settle this debt in September and had already written to LINK to tell them this. My letter and the claim crossed in the post. Do I admit the claim and ask for time to pay or do I fight the claim on the grounds that it does not identify the debt to be claimed upon and then pay as planned. Because of my job I would rather avoid a ccj but will not have the means to settle until after the claim is heard. Advice please, I have 10 days left to acknowlege the claim.
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