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  1. I've just a letter from the court with a hearing date for this month, it says Capquest and I need to file something by specific dates, does anyone know what I need to do now. Is there a form I fill out?
  2. OK so I will be still called to a hearing regardless of this letter from CapQuest, that suits me fine, I've organised my files into date order in terms of all letters to and forth and I think I can back up what I stated in the Witness Statement, so wouldn't dream of not going to the hearing when called. Should i send a letter to capQuest at all or just ignore them for the first time? Kind Regards NQ
  3. Thank you 42man for all your help and advice. Should I reply to Capquest. What happens now with the SD, will they have withdrawn through the court. I only got a letter from the court 2 days ago saying that my application will not be given a hearing date immediately. It will be referred to the district judge. Kind Regards NQ
  4. Yes I did as I was recommended to do that on here as well as being helped to fill in the 6.4 and 6.5 forms which I sent back to the court recorded. The court then refiled them at my closest court stating that CapQuest was mistaken to file at the court they chose. Am I not entitled to send them the CPR 31.14, I was on the understanding I had to show willingness to gather all the information I could in terms of my defence. Kind Regards NQ
  5. Hello everyone, I've received a reply from CapQuest in terms of the thats left me slightly baffled. In terms of my request under CPR 31.14 they state. It appears that you may not understand the nature of the statutory demand. It is not a statement of case in court proceedings. It is a form prescribed by the Insolvency Rules 1986. As such CPR 31.14 is not applicable. You state that it is your intention to contest what you describe as the claim. The court has a power to set aside a statutory demand if it is satisfied that you are able to show that the debt is disputed upon ground
  6. Thank you have added that too. Nearly done now, is this line correct on the 6.5 form 'the statutory demand exhibited hereto and marked “A” came into my hands'. Should i be replacing 'A' with something? Kind Regards NQ
  7. I've had a quick check and according to this handy site http://www.bankrupt.co.uk/Bankruptcy-Courts-England-Wales.htm so far as I can see my local court does handle BR's which doesn't surprise me as I live in a city with a much larger court than the one they have stated on the SA, what do I do about that? I was going to post the forms recorded back to the court they specified today; it's not as though they don't know where I live so I think it is a deliberate abuse of service as it would take hours of travel to get to the stated one on the SA. Kind Regards NQ
  8. Just a couple of further questions before I send these forms to the court. I assume I must sign these court documents, I've always been careful never to sign anything connected with CapQuest and is it wise to send these so soon as they don't need to be submitted for nearly a couple of weeks yet or does it make little difference? Also will it be the court detailed on the SA that I will be expected to attend as it's miles away? Sorry for so many questions, I really do appreciate the help as never had to do anything like this before so would have been lost without you. Thank You NQ
  9. I've now completed the 6.4 and 6.5 forms, do I need to take these to my local court in person or do I need to send them recorded to the court as detailed on the SA? Kind Regards NQ
  10. Well that's the CPR 31.14 Request sent, had to send two by recorded mail, one to the main address and 1 to the addres Barry Davies put on the SD which is a PO Box, wasn't sure if you could send recorded to a PO Box so figured best be safe than sorry. Thanks for all your help NQ
  11. Hi, I'm sending out this letter today and just want to ensure I've done everything correctly. When you say it MUST be inline with the particulars of claim, all that is written in this box on the SD is this... The debt relates to unpaid ballance of sums due under Credit Agreement dated (There is no date printed!) made between (name) and (OC) in respect to (Credit Card Number). The agreement terminated upon failure of (name) to comly with terms of agreement and/or statutory notice of default served by (OC) The rights and duties of (OC) passed to the Creditor pursuant to assignmen
  12. Does anyone know what I should be putting in for the 'Title' on the 6.4 and 6.5 forms? Kind Regards NQ
  13. Hi 42man, Just a quick question, CapQuest did actually provide me with a CCA (well it actually was a application form with no pre-described terms) and a letter stating they had bought the debt. I am still put all the information you gave me into form 6.5 or should I edit out the bit about not providing a CCA or notice of assignment? Thanks in advance for all your help NQ
  14. Hi 42man, I seriously can't thank you enough for all the help and information you've kindly given me, I don't know what I'd have done were it not for this site! Kind Regards NQ
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