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  1. mjc2011

    Formal Complaints

    No wasn't a dissecion but basically what should have been a routine operation in and out same day, turned into a life threating situation and in hospital nearly a week!
  2. mjc2011

    Formal Complaints

    Thanks for your advice. I've already been to see PALS earlier on the year and they recommended writing a formal complaint and said ICAS could help me write a letter. I didn't realise I could change hospital, do you see your GP or the hospital about that?
  3. mjc2011

    Formal Complaints

    Hi I had an operation in January which has left me with damage to the 7th Facial Nerve, this was not mentioned as a complication and is not on the consent form either. There has been a catalogue of errors from the beginning and now I've decided to make a formal complaint. I am still under the care of the hospital and the Doctor that did the operation is the Head of Department, I have another appointment with him in February. If I make a formal complaint against him would they make sure I saw a different doctor in February or would I still have to go back and see him. As he
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