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  1. Hi, My car insurance company recently agreed a settlement amount with me for my car, which was set on fire a few months ago. The vehicle has major interior damage but the exterior is still perfect. I wasn't 100% happy with their first offer, but they agreed to let me have the car (with all documents) so that I may sell parts or maybe sell on complete. During their investigation, they asked me to send my Registration document, all keys and the Service book. Today, they have informed me that they have LOST everything. A garage is interested in buying the car, but wants the Reg doc
  2. It's Churchill. They appear to have an uncanny knack of drawing things out. It took a week to get an phone 'interview', 12 days for them to send out a form they needed. And today I got a call from the garage where my car has sat since the fire saying that a salvage team contacted them to say that they were going to pick up my car. If the garage hadn't called me, my car would have been uplifted without Churchill even asking me. The car is a total loss of course, but I still own it. The FOS site explains that they will complain on my behalf. But Churchill are allowed 8 weeks to respond. It
  3. Hi, I have a vehicle that's currently being investigated by my insurer's verification department. 8 weeks have now elapsed since I made the claim and my question is, do car insurers have a specific time frame governed by a regulating body within which they have to make a proposal? I have posted previously on the specifics of my insurance claim if you'd like more detail. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?319219-Insurance-Claim-question&highlight=weerascal
  4. It is now a week and a day since my interview with my Insurer, at which point they said a letter would be sent asking for specific items such as MOT etc noted above. I have not received any letter and I am now into my 6th week of no settlement since my claim. To say this is frustrating would be a huge understatement. Is there anything I can do to get them to speed up the process? Would a letter from my lawyer help?
  5. Thanks. I guess I also have the option to challenge the claim and take it up with the FOS...
  6. It is certainly negligence on the part of the garage since it was parked outside of their yard unlocked when it was set on fire (my car was the only one set on fire). Which means that my insurer will most probably try to claim from their insurance. And this obviously means that it is in the garage's interest to devalue the car as much as possible to make the claim against them less significant.
  7. Having just concluded my interview, my insurers were definitely more interested in the condition of my car than anything else. At the time of the fire, the car's engine was dismantled to a degree because of the inspection required, in order to establish the problem. I was advised by my engineer that I could opt for a quick fix, but he also recommended sourcing a new engine with much lower mileage to prolong the longevity of the car. In my interview, my insurer asked me to provide: any spare keys, a copy of the MOT, my sales invoice from the dealer showing the purchase price, my driving license
  8. Thanks, read through that. quite informative. I chased today and they want to conduct a 30 minute telephone interview about events before the fire took place.
  9. Thanks. Do you think my insurer may try to reduce my settlement amount from its Market value on the premise that it was in for repair?
  10. Hi, I made a claim with my insurance company 3 and a half weeks ago because my car was set on fire while being inspected for repair in a garage. The police have been and are conducting enquiries. Meanwhile my insurer has advised that my case has been passed to their verification department, indicating that they *may* pursue the garage for this claim. My question is this: will the dispute between the garage and my insurer have to be settled before they will agree a settlement on my claim?
  11. Thanks, I'm treating the two issues separately, but inevitably one will influence the other. Why isn't the engineer that wrote the report based on his findings independent? Before the car's issue, I had never even heard of him and his garage...
  12. I have received a letter from the Trader and reply to mine (posted above), and thought I would share it with you. If anyone has a view on what my next move should be, please feel free to post a reply. In response to your letter date 07.08.11, I also have taken legal advice and have been in direct contact with Trading Standards. I would like to inform you that I will not be accepting responsibility for anything that has happened to the engine on your Land Rover. NOT AS ADVERTISED There were no faults advertised on the Autotrader advertisement as there were no engine faults on the vehicle a
  13. I thought I would send you this as events have taken an extraordinary turn. I got a call today from the 4x4 garage where my car is being stored to say that the interior had been set on fire last night. Quite extensive damage to seats, roofing panels, door cards, steering wheel, and some plastic units. When I heard the news I nearly dropped to my knees. Obviously I'm insured (Churchill) and the police are currently making an investigation, but I wonder if this might be a blessing - karma, if you like. What a bloody mess. Anyway, I thought you'd like to know. Thanks for the h
  14. @kraken1 Appreciate you taking the time and offering up some serious challenges. I am not expecting this to be a walkover and I intend to follow it through. I understand that the car is old. I expected there to be faults and I found several (welded chassis, corroded wheels, very worn clutch). But £4,000 shouldn't just buy me a bag of bolts. That price is actually on the high side for a vehicle of that age and I paid the full asking price. I was of the understanding that fit for purpose meant that it had to both deliver on both its everyday purpose (ie to drive) and its specific purpo
  15. It's not my version. See above, I have a written report from an engineer. I'll remove the refund part, for now. If he rejects the repair claim, can I go ahead and have the repairs made and pursue him through the SCC to retrieve the money?
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