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  1. Yes, it has been cleaned now - it had to be, he came out of hospital at the end of December, and Friend has secured the services of a local cleaning company to come in once a week.
  2. Hi, yes, those are the people. It's too late to ask SS to inspect. This all happened in a big rush between xmas and new year; I complained to the woman I'd been dealing with, she liaised with the MD and came back with the £100 offer, took a couple of days, I refused, she then said I needed to contac the MD. When I emailed him, I got the out of office message back, and then, eventually, the offer of £150 which he deposited, without my agreement, into my account.. So it all took weeks. I have plenty of photos though.
  3. A friend was in hospital for almost 3 months and not allowed home by Social Services till his flat was properly cleaned. I liaised with SS, they recommended a firm and I paid them, in advance, £700. The standard of work was truly appalling. I sent photos the day after the work was completed (the day before Friend was returning home) and was offered a return visit (31/12) – I said I wasn’t available to give access and friend was returning home next day, and I thought it inappropriate to have them there as he arrived home. He's 72, not in the best of health and shielding - i
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