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  1. Yes, it has been cleaned now - it had to be, he came out of hospital at the end of December, and Friend has secured the services of a local cleaning company to come in once a week.
  2. Hi, yes, those are the people. It's too late to ask SS to inspect. This all happened in a big rush between xmas and new year; I complained to the woman I'd been dealing with, she liaised with the MD and came back with the £100 offer, took a couple of days, I refused, she then said I needed to contac the MD. When I emailed him, I got the out of office message back, and then, eventually, the offer of £150 which he deposited, without my agreement, into my account.. So it all took weeks. I have plenty of photos though. The social worker saw some of the photographs. Because of the timing, holidays, everyone busy etc she said she would go by my judgement as to whether Friend should be allowed home (This was before the service was carried out) I sent her some photos but neither of us mentioned Friend not coming home - nobody wanted him to have to stay in the care home any longer, it was totally inappropriate. She knew I was going to take some action with regard to the service, but we didn't speak again. Sorry, trying to catch up with all the questions.. I paid by BACS - it was the only option I was given. They are based in Wallasey, Wirral, and I think they have been there for some time. I don't think they have disappeared.
  3. A friend was in hospital for almost 3 months and not allowed home by Social Services till his flat was properly cleaned. I liaised with SS, they recommended a firm and I paid them, in advance, £700. The standard of work was truly appalling. I sent photos the day after the work was completed (the day before Friend was returning home) and was offered a return visit (31/12) – I said I wasn’t available to give access and friend was returning home next day, and I thought it inappropriate to have them there as he arrived home. He's 72, not in the best of health and shielding - it was not appropriate to have two strangers in the flat with him. They offered £100 refund and I said I wasn't satisfied with that. I emailed my rejection and asked for the contact details of the MD. Emailed him and got an "out of office" response. Two weeks later he responded and offered £150. The MD then, without my permission, then just paid it into my account.. What do I do next? They’ve had my money in advance and it’s complicated by the fact that I’m fighting this on behalf of someone else..
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