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  1. Decided to submit a defence - have enough correspondence from the claimant to question the original trade and the resulting delay in re listing it etc, esp. As the car 'sold' again so quickly after the end of the month. Will let you know how it goes. Many thanks again for your help.
  2. He relisted the car for the same price on 1/10, and it is showing as listing end now, 3/10,with best offer accepted (as before with mine), for how much this time is unknown. Interestingly looking back thru his history looks like sold it for higher end August and then relisted it, due to another incomplete sale. When I first made contact with the guy, before submitting a bid, yes, he had emailed saying he already had a bid for the identical amount that I ended up offering., and that my bid were need to be higher. Naturally we all want to achieve the best price, so he was either spoofing or
  3. Many thanks for your reply Steampowered, looks like I will end up just paying this and be done with it. I did notice that you mentioned about mitigating losses - the guy relisted the car 1/10, and it would appear he accepted an offer about 48 hours later so it looks sold again. I'm guessing he didnt want to relist until eBay had released from his contractual obligation to sell the car to me, even tho it would appear he could have done so from the 25/9, according to an earlier message he sent. Out of interest, if one does defend a claim and subsequently loses, presumably addition
  4. Interestingly, the seller went the unpaid item route, rather than just cancelling the deal, as soon as I stated the deal was off. Having consulted with ebay he stated he couldnt re-list until opening an unpaid item 25/9, but then only relisted on 1/10, contradicting himself later stating that if he had relisted before the unpaid item case closed on 29/9, he would have been in breach of contract. Mmmm.
  5. CitizenB - Many thanks for your help. Enjoy your weekend.
  6. Date or issue is 25/9, and I do intend to defend - I have already sent back the relevant acknowledgement paperwork. the partciulars refer to failure to complete purchase of a car on ebay on bid accepted of X. Requirment to insure car and tax, (2 weeks insurance and Oct tax) for Oct, as I will not be able to complete a sale before 30/9 (2 days before ebay let me relist, plus 5 day sale period). No response to emails (totally incorrect) and phone calls (obviously - He was told that any further calls of that would nature would be escalated to the relevant authorities) Hope that helps.
  7. Hi there, hope you are all enjoying the fine weather and long may it last! I hope there is someone who might be able to give a little advice please? I placed an offer on a car on eBay, and then decided straight away to retract, by which the time the offer had been accepted. Something didnt feel right (I had emailed the seller to ask what he would accept, and the reply was that he had another offer of X and that I would have to offer X+ else he would accept the original offer on the table. I was interested, but just offered X, and 5 mins later there was the invoice.. ) Clearly he had
  8. Quick update. CL Finance sent a letter about a month ago saying that the debt had been transferred to Robbers Way and to deal with them only. The first letter from RW was a standard debt collection letter that was filed under 'B'. The next was a 'we realise that the present economic climate is difficult blah blah...and our client is prepared to accept 50% and the debt will be marked as partially settled' What planet are they on exactly?! Partially settled? What, until the next mob come after the other half? Still havent sent the SB letter yet, even tho its well past, but reading
  9. Thankyou Scarlet, you have clarified this and I understand now. Will post off the SB letter and wait for the next flurry of begging letters from whoever it get sold to next.
  10. OK so any debt that is SBd can still be pursued - and the SB letter is supposed to get DCAs off your back because of the anti- harrassment paragraph? Is that all one is relying on? Assuming that is correct that only works until the present clowns sell the debt onto the next shower and the letters start up again. Or did I miss something more fundamental?
  11. So If the debt is dodgy and well past its sell by date, is there any likelihood the present muppets might turn nasty? What can they realistically do now? I'm assuming they cant go ballistic and head off down the CCJ route? If that is correct why bother sending the SB letter?
  12. But the fact This debt is well over 6 years since paid/acknowledged and the lottery winner kind of letter received today suggests they know its dodgy?
  13. Just a quick update - had a third letter stating that If I didnt reply within 7 days they would send a debt collector around, (yeh right, and ignored), and now today have had a 50% discount letter - yes we will write off £6k+ if you can pay the other half by the end of May. How these scumbags are allowed to pursue the original debt amount with charges, when they have clearly a massive amount of margin in the equation is utterly beyond me. if debts are distressed and essentially written off, surely the maximum these clowns should be able to claim is what they paid for it tenth-hand.
  14. CitizenB, Just one more thing.. Have read the SB letter - my only observation is - if they then reply refuting the SB status, have I not by definition acknowledged the debt and opened up a can of worms? I'm assuming (which is always dangerous) that this letter has been successful when used in the correct instance. Yours,
  15. Many thanks for your reply CitizenB, Found the letter which I will amend accordingly. Is there a job title it should be addressed to eg. Compliance Mgr? It will be sent early next week, & any reply will be posted up as and when. Ps. How do I make a contribution to the upkeep of this site?
  16. Dear Forum, I've posted on CAG before but not on this sub forum before. I need a little guidance if you can help please? I've today received a 2nd love letter / final demand from Lewis DR, acting on behalf of their client CL Finance, dated 5 days ago and demanding payment of a 10k+ debt in the next 30 minutes, well 3 days.. (Received a first phishing letter a week ago that went in the bin like the one today). The usual threats of door step agents blah blah.. The debt relates to a credit card that I had from student days, 30 odd years ago, debts run up mostly about 8 or 9 years a
  17. OK, so a property that has been extended and made into 2 self contained units, with 2 separate rent paying familes will pay the same council tax as a property with a granny annex? Is that correct?
  18. Hi forum I'm new here so please bear with me. My young family and I have been renting an annex on a main property for the last 7 months or so and have just decided to move. Simply, we have become very tired of our landlord turning up on an (almost) weekly basis. We rent a self contained annex built onto the original property that has 3 beds, 2 bath, kitchen, lounge, bathroom. The original property is rented to another family whose accomodation is slightly larger than ours, who moved in at exactly the same time. The landlord lived at the property immediately prior to both families o
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