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  1. Many thanks dx and Conniff for your replies. We emailed Selco this morning through their complaints procedure mentioning SOGA and got an email back soon after requesting that we returned the plane to the store manager who would give us a full refund. I was half expecting the refund to be in the form of a voucher, which would have been fine, but as it happened we got cash to the full amount of £112. Result and well done Selco.
  2. Hi On 22nd August 2013 a Bosch electric plane was purchased from Selco Builders Warehouse. On the second time of use smoke and sparks erupted from the unit, plus it would intermittently turn on and off. As the plane was needed urgently for a job another plane had to be purchased. The faulty plane was taken back to Selco a week later and within the four week period outlined under Selco's T&C's return policy with a request for a full refund as the unit was clearly faulty. The staff member spoken to and eventually the manager told me that a refund could only be m
  3. Thank you for the clarification Antone, useful to know for future reference
  4. Thanks for the advice. I called IB this morning and told nothing received so far and to call back mon. The advisor took details off me regarding the date of sending of the Special del and placed it on the system - so at least it shows that form was sent in on time by SD. Will call IB back on mon and reconfirm and get them to check with ATOS. Thanks Rover
  5. Worried my IB and ESA claims are being dealt with by DWP Belfast (I live in London) the address is on their letters to me - the phone number is 0845 6088770. I always take copies of forms and supporting (for future reference and incase anything goes astray. I also any correspondence Recorded or Special Delivery so that I have proof of recceipt. I hope that whatever your personal situation regarding these worrying and stressful times dealing with ATOS and DWP you will soon be able to change your forum name from worried33 to overjoyed33. Best wishes to you BB
  6. Well without going into too much detail, according to the descriptors, my condition should not only give me well over 15pts but also qualify me to be placed in the support group because a specific descriptor applies to me and I am also arguing the "exceptional circumstances route". I'm hoping my ESA50 form & my Consultant's support letter will be enough for ATOS and the DWP decision maker - I understand the decision maker MUST now take into account ALL evidence i.e. My ESA50, doctor's letters as well as any ATOS report - to take a decision without recourse to taking an ATOS medical.
  7. Thanks Joe I appreciate the response, difficult not to worry where ATOS/DWP are concerned, but I'm grateful for your kind words
  8. Morning worried Read this link, it gives full addresses of all ATOS centres with their actual postcode and local number. I read elsewhere that ATOS was giving this information out to clinicians with the request the numbers were not passed onto patients/clients. Hope it helps. http://www.workprogramme.org.uk/atos-origin-exposed/clinician-contact-details.html#Clinician-contact-details-for-Atos-Healthcare
  9. BritBrat thank you for getting back. I'll contact Royal Mail as you advise. Yes I've heard via various information available over the net that the DWP (not ATOS) have contracted the RM to open our mail to whichever ATOS MSC we are dealing with collate the information inside, place in sealed bags and send by Special Delivery to the relevent ATOS office. I have also read that the Royal Mail scan the ESA50 forms and any accompanying medical evidence; how true that part is I cannot be sure of. See following link: http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/dwp_and_atos_healthcare_use_of_r
  10. Hi I am one of those who has received a ESA50 form to complete for migration over from IB to ESA. Form had to be received by ATOS Wembley MSC by 23 Feb. This form had been the most difficult and the most vague that I have ever had to fill in and that includes the DLA forms. It has taken me all of the four week period allowed to look for advice, write my answers to present my case and gather supporting medical evidence - consultants are busy people and I am lucky to have a long and good relationship with mine. I sent my form and supporting documentation yesterday on the 22nd by S
  11. Hello Brig I take your point, thankyou. I will go into branch then and formally advise a change of address. Seems strange though from a data protection viewpoint that BC will speak to me about the account over the phone giving my old details but not by letter giving the same details. I would have thought that I would have satisfied any concerns regarding identity. BB
  12. Update Hello all I am still having problems getting Barclaycard to acknowledge my SAR request of 10th October. The sticking point is that I moved in 2007 so the address they have on file is my old address. My SAR letter ( and reminder letter) gave the old address and notification of my current address. I am getting nowhere with calls to the Director's Office; they state that they want me to go into a branch of Barclays and fill in a change of address form. My arguement is that I have advised them of a change of address in my SAR request letter and given enough details of the account
  13. http://www.regus.co.uk/locations/office-space/london-chiswick-park
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