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  1. No it was just a simple template letter. My friend has called the council up and they have said if he pays by the 10th june he can still pay the reduced rate so hes going to do that as he does not want to persue this further. Thank you everyone for your help and support
  2. The NTO is dated 12th june we got it a few days later due to post. Our appeal was sent on the 17th may signed for. Upon checking tracking you can see it was finally delivered on the 8th may. I called royal mail and they said thuis may be because it was delivered to a PO box and a card would have been left informing them that they have a signed for item and that it would have only been delivered after the PO box owner's (hackney council) got in touch. I hope that makes sense. I will wait for your reply as i have no knowledge in this area and you've always been really helpful in t
  3. yes you're correct pcn received 9th may we sent the appeal on the 17th may NTO received 12th june NOR received 27th june after checking royal mail tracking it turns out hackney didn't pick up the mail until 8th june i have been seeking advice from pepipoo and they have written the following appeal for me which i was just about to send off. Grounds of representation: Procedural impropriety Penalty exceeded the amount applicable in the circumstances of the case Procedural impropriety I refer the authority to the PCN dated 09/05/2018 I also refer you to t
  4. Quick update hackney council seem to have messed up. We've only done 1 appeal and without acknowledging it they sent the NTO. We've now received a second letter saying that they've looked at our reps and that we still need to pay the fine at the higher rate of £130. This letter is dated after the NTO and they've used is as if its our reply to the NTO not the initial informal appeal. We've lost the discount because they've mixed things up. Do i have any chance of appealing and getting out back to the £65 or do i need to go to the ajudicator and appeal on procedural improp
  5. I'm too thick to understand all that Also any idea why im not getting notifications when someone replies? I used to get an email but no longer seem to
  6. The first sentence from my previous post is copied from the letter they sent. I'm sorry but i don't have the know how to attach pics I'm afraid.
  7. It says you can make representations online at http://www.hackney.gov.uk/parking or by post to London borough of Hackney..... Do you know how i reply to this NTO? I'm not sure if i tick procedural impropriety as they haven't acknowledged my informal appeal. I will be sending this via post too as i feel if they ignore this one also then i will win at adjudication as they haven't followed procedure. Or does it not work that way? From what i can tell they'd been lazy so and so's but that shouldn't mean if we've followed procedure that we should be left out of pocket . H
  8. Need a little more help from you lovely people hackney council ignored our appeal and have sent a NTO. My friend called them up and they said we don't respond to letters only emails or more or less along those lines. Now I'm a but miffed as we sent it recorded delivery and have proof of postage that it was delivered. They have an address and email address to send appeals to so how can they ignore written appeals? I'm unsure what to do at this point other than the obvious which is appeal. Should i tick procedural impropriety? If they have a postal address shouldn't they be acknowledg
  9. Thank you everyone i have given my friend the letter now fingers crossed they use some discretion.
  10. this is what i'm hoping to send anyone that can advise if i should edit anything out or add anything then that would be greatly appreciated. thank you once again To whom it may concern, I would like to appeal my PCN that I was served on the 09/05/2018 My wife is a disabled wheelchair user and we were attending Homerton Hospital for our young daughters appointment. We have never been to this hospital nor have we been to Hackney before and were unaware that BB rules are different from borough to borough. We live in Newham where BB holders can park in Permit only bays if they disp
  11. thank you i will try appealing hopefully we get someone sympathetic to their case. seems silly that there isn't enough BB parking at a hospital though
  12. Thank you for the links and taking time to reply but i was hoping for some info on whether they had any chance at appealing or not. Or if the same has happened to anyone else and they could share their outcome.
  13. i'm asking on behalf of a friend who is a wheelchair user and had to attend homerton hospital for her daughters appointment. they drove around looking for a BB parking space and couldn't find one and as the appointment time was nearing they parked on St Barnabas Terrace. they are newham council residents and and unfortunately hackney council seem to follow different rules, in newham they can park in resident only bays etc with a BB. they did not realise that they can not park in the business permit holders only bay with a BB and i know ignorance is not a defence but this was t
  14. Forgot to update this thread. I got a reply back from the council stating that as they'd missed the 60 day or so deadline to answer appeals they have cancelled the pcn. they didn't allude to whether they'd issued it correctly or not though.
  15. Thank you I haven't sent it yet as I need to print it out but I think I'll stick with it too. Appreciate your advice though.
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