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  1. Hi, I have a loan outstanding with these and is due on Monday. I have to pay it today as will not have internet access after. Can you let me know the link to the payment page anyone? I think they have it on the e-mail? Thanks
  2. Hi, I am in repayment plan with Sainsburys for my debt and have paid off as agreed for last 5 months. TYhe date it is due is tomorrow but due to car repairs I cannot make payment. I get paid on 31st August and does anyone know if they will change my statement date to say 1st September so I can keep paying and stay in the arrangement? Very stressed about this right now so any help would be appreciated? Thanks
  3. HI - Can I ask what happens here as I have a current payday loan with these which was for £200 and will pay back £301 on payday. Should I be paying these back to them or someone else?
  4. Thanks - So does that mean they will take £560 extra this tax year and the rest the next? Will employer be written to or just myself? I think I have read that they will write to employer if I ask them to. But I dont as I have been through it with them. I just dont want HMRC to write to them as will look like I have asked them too and due to redundancies etc I dont want to draw my attention to employer. I know this has no bearing on those decisions but if they just write to me and take it though coding then that is fine.
  5. Hi, I was informed in January that my tax was wrong for the year due to wrong code been used. Mix up with bureau and employer. This is around £2,800. I rang HMRC to make them aware and although it is not my fault I accept that it is my responsability to check and I have no problems paying it back. But due to messy divorce my payments and payslips went to my ex's account and address. My question is when the end of year forms gets submitted to HMRC and the underpayment is known to them will I just receive a letter to say what I owe? Or will the employer get a letter and will I be
  6. Revised.xlsThanks IMS - I ahve added all that in and hopefully the attached looks ok to you. I will complete the FOS questionnaire and send off today with a covering letter. I appreciate all your help and will keep you up to date with the outcome.
  7. Thanks I will enter them in - Loan 3 was cleared off for £5,199.85 and the last loan was for £7,200 over 50 months. The monthly payment was £190.59. The PPI was £1,380 but with interest totalled £1,754.98 which worked out at £36.66 per month for PPI over 50 months. The APR was 11.9%. I made 14 payments before clearing the loan off in full for £7,728.88 Thanks
  8. Hi IMS - Sorry to bother you - Did you get chance to look at it last night?
  9. Thanks I will be on line later tonight if you need to ask anything. Appreciate your help
  10. Hi IMS, I have got the statement for Loan 3 albeit not very good. The loan was for £7,350 over 60 months. It was a managed loan and the have said it was borrower protection. There is no amount but they have said it was £18.60 per month. The monthly repayments on the loan were £170.69. I made 23 payments. Are you able to help on this basis? I may have to leave the PPI repayments on this loan, but presume PPI from Loan 2 was rolled over into this loan.
  11. Hi, I have been trying to get these onto a repayment plan and they keep saying i need to pay £105 which was for one months interest and then they will get me onto a repayment plan. I am offering £40.50 a month which would be 1/10th of the amount i owe. Can anyone advise if they are breaching any regulations, etc? Are they nopt supposed to accept affordable repayment plan? They say it will go to the collections team and have said about door collections, although they are welcome to do that and will tell the person where to go. Any advice appreciated with these jokers. T
  12. Hi - I took out a £100 loan with these and they sent me e-mails about the contract and repaying. On the repayment it wasnt made clear about paying back. Partially my fault. But they say to pay direct with on line banking. I paid £124 back 4 days before the due date and then my account was showing as still not been credited. I rang them today who sayd they havent received it as it wouldnt show until 6 days on their file. They also said the cost was £129, which I must have missed of something about a £5 finance charge. I have paid that today. But now they say they have rolled over my loan a
  13. Hi - The card they have on file has been cancelled and havent given my new ones as yet. What is the process for this to cancel their authority?
  14. Thanks - I have deferred this month but need another month and I know they wont do it which I obviously can understand. Will have to e-mail them and wait for the response. Thanks
  15. Thanks - Just in a mess with everything and cant cope with it all. I have several paydays loans & 3 credit cards. I have a joint mortgage with my ex which is really worrying me, though she pays for that out of the money I agreed to give her each month. So all those payments are up to date. My credit cards are over the limit and trying to get a temp relief on these. Guess will ahve to write to them and see what they do next. I can handle a DCA but dont want it to go to court obviously.
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