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  1. In reply to Cashins - we have the"The Honest Lawyer" pub in Lodge Road Southampton. The only consolation is that the pub a few doors down is "The Bent Brief"! That makes up for it! I can only say that these lawyers should have been part of the FSB who would have advised them on their behaviour for free! Regards to all
  2. I was at a Business Link meeting at Basingstoke at the FSB stand, and was approached by a very attractive lady from Nigeria who made a lot of fuss. Three weeks later I received an urgent email from her. She claimed to be in Madrid, having been robbed of her credit cards, money and passport. Would I immediately email 1000 Euros to her so that she could return home. I would immediately be repaid on her arrival. I sent the money of course. Curiously I have not heard from her for some weeks now. I think communications in Nigeria are precarious, to say the least. I directed her to the British Consulate in Madrid and even named the Consul, who attended my school. I phoned him several days later. She had not been in contact. Strange. There are a lot of [problematic] out there. A disproportionate amount of them originate from Nigeria I believe.
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