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  1. And here we go again. less than the 14 days generously given me by Bryan Carter to pay this bill , i have been sent another letter from Freds. This time they have basically told me off for not responding to BC and offered to reduce the debt if i contact them within 48hours. In stellar timing that has now elapsed - on the day i received the letter. I still haven't contacted them - even to send a prove it letter, but am maybe considering doing so now...any advice?
  2. And that is true of the letter from Bryan Carter too?
  3. Ok so apologies if i sound confused. At this point I have not contacted Freds at all either by letter or any other method. I know I need to check my credit file, which I will do asap. So the best thng to do is ignore these letters completely? I am going to contact the OFT about this, but am slightly concerned about what will happen next once the "14 days" to respond expires.
  4. HI thanks for the reply. Have been quite busy with real life so not had chance to respond. Today i got a letter from Bryan Carter for the same debt. I guess I should still send the prove it letter and see what happens? I am half amused and half angry at this, especially as the timing of each letter I've received are almost less than a week apart.
  5. Hi all Earlier this week I received a letter from FPC - a standard "we are seeking this person at your address" phishing letter which i duly ignored. Yesterday I was surprised to then get a letter Before action from them. It's on behalf of Talk Talk and for £662.66 - with their "fees" £787.66. I've never had any dealings with Talk Talk so am wondering where this is from. Of course I am about to send them a SAR, but genuinely baffled as to what to do after this. I assume that some kind of Data Protection has been breached if they have just randomly assigned me a debt from a co
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