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  1. I may be wrong but i think the datix form acts as an accident book.Not sure. The plug has no label on it.I know the kind of label you mean as my place of work has them on all of our plugs.The only evidence that the faulty socket was reported to senior ward staff months ago is the word of my girlfriends friend.But then if it has been faulty for that long i'm sure someone else has noticed it in that time.An electrician was apparently called after the incident.Whether it has been sorted i'm not sure as she doesn't go back to work until Thursday.I do know they didn't seal off the socket as she went back to the ward after A&E to take a picture of the socket.
  2. Hey was wondering if anyone could help. my girlfriend works as a health care assistant in a Hospital. Yesterday she went to unplug a machine from the socket which seemed fine but when she pulled out the plug she got quite a shock and the socket came partly off the wall. She felt a lot of pain shoot all up her arm and jumped backwards. Her fingers and arm started to go red and was told by a nurse to go to A&E to get seen to .She had an ECG and then was told to fill out a datix form. Thankfully everything was okay apart from her whole arm tingling the whole night. Today there's no tingling but her arm still feels a bit numb. She was told to go back in a few days to get checked out again. When she got home last night she told her friend what had happened. This friend was a health care assistant on the same ward as my girlfriend but left a few months ago to pursue another career. Her friend told her that she had complained to a staff nurse about the very same socket months and months ago. The staff nurse just said to her "there's a screw driver in the draw in the office". this socket has been faulty for months and months and has resulted in my girlfriend getting an electric shock due to the Hospitals negligence and failure to ensure the safety of its staff. My girlfriend has taken a picture of her arm which clearly shows redness and also the socket hanging off the wall from where she pulled the plug out. i'm wondering if she has a case for claiming compensation ?. To be honest i'm just glad she's okay but i'm VERY annoyed that it could of been avoided had the Nurse acted accordingly once being told of the faulty socket. Amazingly straight after it happened they had an electrician come and sort it.
  3. Well here's what happened.I went back to work on Tuesday and carried on as normal.After a lil while one of the managers comes up to me and says how he thought it was out of order and unfair that i got sent home and lost a days pay as it was my first time this year. Later on in the day the owner of the shop came in.I walked by him whilst he was in the office part of the shop and he asked to have a word.He said "this is off the record,but i think it was really harsh you got sent home and don't think Paul (His Son and general manager) should have done that ".He said considering it was my first late in over 8 months and i'd had no time off sick in forever that it was harsh and they will be looking at how they deal with lateness in the future. Then at the end of the day the general manager asks for a word.He says basically it was unfair and so he will only be docking me half a days pay instead of a whole day. Then yesterday came and i got paid.We get payed in cash so i checked it and i had a full weeks pay.Seeing as when he gave it to me he said "you've earnt every penny",i assumed he had decided not to dock my wages at all. So i go in today and straight away he came up to me and said that he forgot to take it out of my wages so would do it next week.I asked to have it in writing that this was the case.He wasn't happy about it and kept asking me why as it doesn't affect or change anything etc. So i better start looking for another job i guess.
  4. Nice lol.Not much at all really.Under 2 hours a week.Yeah they got the National Minimum Wage thing covered.They've been real crafty and seem to have themselves covered pretty well.
  5. I know the owners Sons are listed as directors and i think his brother and Nephew are down as managers and same goes for the family friend. Yeah,i'm looking so hopefully i'll be out of there soon.I'll end up having a breakdown or kicking someones ass otherwise.
  6. Yeah sadly it does.I didn't say before as i thought you meant my normal hours not including over time.Overtime it says: Working time regulations: In accordance with the working time regulations 1998 you waive your right to claim that the maximum average working time under the regulations of 48 hours in each seven day period applies to you.Your waiver shall apply throughout your employment with "xxx meats" unless you give it three months written notice of withdrawl of the waiver. then somewhere else in the contract it has : You are not entitled to additional payment for hours worked in excess of your normal working hours.
  7. Lol.It is.I dread going in every morning and not knowing if they are planning to get rid of me or not plays on my mind.So then i have trouble sleeping and it's harder for me to get up on time.Worst part is the family are payed literally more than double the rest of us yet they are the ones who sit around on their asses whilst we're busting our asses off.Oh and we dont get paid overtime.So it's fine to sometimes spend an extra hour or too working for nothing but be late once in a while and that's it.Anything would be better but the pay here is more than i would get anywhere else for that line of work.How they can moan for
  8. I put that.It's actually under the heading "Remuneration and benefits
  9. I'm not sure what to do to be honest.I can't afford to be out of work and finding employment would be hard for me as i left school with no qualifications,can't drive and have been in this line of work since leaving school.I've been at my current employers for about 7 years now.I don't want to lose my job for the sake of a days pay,but at the same time i dont want to let them keep getting away with crap like this.When i say crap like this i mean things like: I get sent home,get a days pay deducted and may also get a verbal warning for being late once in eight months yet a family friend of the owners (who is a manager) can be late twice in a wee, but it's okay because the snow was bad, All employees were told no phones in the work place or they will be dismissed,yet i catch people on them all the time.I mention it to the owner and because the employees who broke and still break that rule are family members of the owner,nothing happens.Even though an employee who isn't a family member has had disciplinary action against him for using his phone in the workplace. One employee threatened to stab a manager and nothing happened yet you can make a genuine mistake and get a warning for it.For instance an employees till is short or over. Only non family members have contracts.I didn't want to sign it for many reasons But i was told if i don't sign it "there's the door,f**k off".We were told it's to cover us aswell as the company and make out they were doing us a favour but that's bs and i told them that.I said to them "the only reason we have them and family members don't is because we (non family members) are the only ones you might get rid of and you think you are covering yourselves".No one would even argue the fact with me. We were given these contracts about six months ago by the way.The business has been open for eight years.Funny how they came about when the business's takings started to dip.I was actually told by four of the five managers that they are looking to get rid of two people,but i was safe and had nothing to worry about.I was given the names of the two they were looking to get shot of and naturally neither are members of the family.As it is now one of those two is on his final written warning and the other recieved a verbal about a month ago.There is also another employee on his final written.What a coincidence that no one had any diciplinary action taken against them what so ever until these contracts were drawn up and no family member has a thing against their name.They are giving warnings out for the hell of it. When we do get a warning they don't inform us in writing before hand that we will need to attend a hearing/meeting.We get told on the day "we need a word",then we are given our warnings.One guy even had his warning written up whilst he was on HOLIDAY.A complaint was made against him whilst he was on Holiday and he got it when he returned.It was written up before the guy could even give an explanation. There are 10 employees,four are family members and one is a very close family friend.ALL of them are managers of course.The place is a joke and i'm at my wits end.Anyways like i said...could go on forever.If i had another job with the same pay to go to,i'd be out tomorrow.
  10. And no,i wasn't suspended.I havn't been back since as i have Sundays and Mondays off (this happened on Saturday).But i had this the last time i was late.I got sent home,got deducted a days pay and got a verbal warning.
  11. Ok erm here's what is written in my contract: Working hours : You will be employed on a full time basis.Working hours are 7:30am-6:30pm.The company may require you to vary this pattern of your working hours if required on a temporary or permanent basis should the need arise Salary and docking of wages: Your annual gross salary is £xx,xxx-xx which will be paid weekly on Thursday of each week. "XXXXX meats" may deduct from your salary any sums owed to you by "xxxxx meats" including but not limited to outstanding loans,advances,overpayments and excess holiday Which doesn't make sense as it says they may deduct sums owed to me from them. As far as "provision for your employer sending you home"...Nothing at all. Thanks for the quick reply by the way.
  12. I work in a family run butchers shop and could go on forever about things i'm not happy with there.Basically half the employees are family members of the owner and get away with what they like and rules are made up as they go along.But this is what i would greatly appreciate help with. The other day i was late for work by 25 mins because i overslept.I walked in and went to go to speak to the overall manager to appologize.Before i could get to his offfice the manager of the back of the shop told me i have to go home.So i was sent home and have lost a days pay for being 25mins late and didn't even get to appologize or give an explanation.For all they know i could've had a family emegency or whatever.Ok i didn't but how were they to know that.I may also recieve a warning. I have a lil history of lateness and this has happened before.I wasn't late once in the first 4 years i was there.But then i moved out and i was late about 6 times in a year and ended up getting a warning.But this is the first time i have been late in 8 months. Can they do this ?. I looked over my contract it has absolubtley nothing about lateness.I'm also on salary
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