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  1. I must admit that I think that Octagon may be right in this instance though it may be worth seeing if you can salvage your no claims somehow, even if with another company as 5 years is a lot to lose. I used Octagon for a couple of years and they were to be fair a pretty good budget company, I swapped to the AA this year as they gave me a better quote.
  2. Quite simply the worst company I have ever dealt with. They are running a form of disorganised chaos in their offices, you get emails from staff and reply to them never to receive another word until you get an email from another member of staff demanding an alternate amount of money that they are not owed. I last 15 days with them - just one day (sadly) out of the cooling of procedure and paid over £270 to insure a 20 year old car that died 15 days after I bought it. £116 to set up the account £49 for the first months payment and £106 to close the account and this was when they finally c
  3. Hello All,My first post and its a question :)My lodger has two Mazdas, she bought the first about 12 months ago - a mark 1 and about two weeks later bought a mark 2 the mad girl.The Mk1 has sat for a year in a garage and is now due for another MOT - why she hasnt gotten rid already I dont know but non the less.She took it for an MOT and it failed on some small welding job that needs sorting out - she has taken the car back to the garage from the test centre and has asked me to find a welder for her which I have done.The car needs to go from the garage to the welder ( a journey of about 7 miles
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