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  1. I have also received a letter from HMRC. I am worried sick about it. It says "there is someone else linked to my address". I have lived alone since June 2015 & even before that I only had a house mate, nothing else. No children or partners at all. We had separate bedrooms & lived separate lives, but shared the bills. He had half the bills in his name & me the other half, as a fair split. I feel worried to death about this "investigation" & feel guilty, despite having done nothing wrong at all. I want to say to them, come over & check & it will be obvi
  2. Thank you for your reply dx100uk, Unfortunately, I have already made early settlement offers & sent my I/E summary. I have now had a letter from RBS Mint also rejecting my settlement offer. I am thinking of making higher settlement offers, but appreciate your advice regarding re-claiming charges first. I have not taken out PPI on any credit-card, so re-claiming this is not an option. Please can you point me in the right direction of where to start with re-claiming unlawful fees & whether this is likely to be successful? Should I continue to make paymen
  3. Dear Caggers, I would really appreciate some advice on how to proceed with my Early Settlement negotiations. I am on reduced payment plans at the moment, but am finding the monthly payments too much. I have been offered a lump sum o £8000 by a family member & have taken the first steps in negotiating Early Settlements with four creditors (credit-cards). The first round of letters were ignored by all except MBNA, who requested an Income & Expenditure Summary. I then sent all creditors another letter, including an Income & Expenditure Summary. I have had two
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