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  1. Hi I decided to ignore the initial letter, after reading the replies and today got a letter from MeritForce saying they can do an Authorised Collector Visit, authorised by Mackenzie hall, and that they an authorised collector may make a visit to your property within the next 10 days. With if there collector informs then that no positive commitment towards clearing the debt has taken place, your account will be returned to this office and formal proceddings may be considered. Then saying I need to contact Macknezie Hall Limited by phone. What should I do? Thanks in adv
  2. Yes it is pre september 1998, I finished being a student in 1995.
  3. Hi I need some advise re student loan company and Mackenzie Hall. In December 2009 I got a letter from Credit Solutions saying I owed money to the student loan company. I sent them a statue barred debt as the claim was over 6 years old. They then told me I need to send the letter to Student loans company themselves, which I did. After a couple of letters from Pauline Curran, which I replied to using template letters from here all went quite which was about April 2010. At the end of last week I received a letter from Mackenzie Hall saying they had tried to contact me on
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