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  1. Thank you Brig for your reply, all 3 of your scenerios is what i have in my head, my worry is how can we prove its frauded? I know O is right now at home going through old wage slips so hopefully we can prove the signed date 'date' is when he was at work! Feel like the FBI! Cheers though.
  2. Hi there! 1st time posting and although i am dealing with my own debt in my own fashion, i now have the job of dealing with my late mother in laws debt. Not a problem as she had no life policy and no assests so all of it has been written off, BUT since her death 3 months ago, my father in law has been recieving mail re debt in HIS name! Now here is where it gets bad and confusing. I knew of some of mother in laws debt before she died, i knew who with etc, but knew nothing of loans in father in laws name. So to start, PROVIDENT! London Scottish and Moorcroft (formally barclaycard). Provid
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