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  1. Thanks for the advice, i have sent them an email , i hope i get a response soon. Do you know if they are able to set up a repayment plan over e-mail?
  2. Hi, I currently have a contract with vodafone. I am in financial difficulty at the moment and the last 2 months i have been having to phone vodafone up, make a small payment towards my balance and they put me on a promise to pay. But i know that they will stop doing this for me soon. Is there any way i can enter into a repayment plan with these guys?
  3. Hi, i stupidly took a loan out with these sharks and ended up owing them £450! Knowing i couldn't afford to pay it i set up a repayment plan with them for £45 a month and they agreed to freeze all interest and charges. They also said they would not register a default against me as long as i stick to the plan which i have done (i have emails prooving this). However after checking my credit file they have registered a default against me for an amount of £20! I have tried contacting them asking for it to be removed as i have not broken the terms of the repayment plan but they are having none of i
  4. I never had a perfect credit score in the first place and because i am young and stupid and because i couldn't get credit with a bank i ended up taking out a payday loan and it just spiralled out of control.
  5. Hi, I am currently in repayment plans with a few different payday loan lenders and i am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as i have already paid 4 off. However payday express that i am in a repayment plan with has decided to register a default on my credit file and thanks to them my score is a big fat 0!! (I'm probably the only person to have such a low score!) I have never made a late payment to them or anything but because i'm in a repayment plan they have said that they have the right to register a default as the loan has not been paid back within 90 days. The funny th
  6. Hi, This may sound really bizzare but it has got me paincking a little. I regularly look at my experian credit report and when i logged into it today the hire purchase i have with santander has completely disappeared of my report ! i still have over 3 years to go until my car is paid off with them so i don't understand why it has just been removed from my credit report. I have never missed a payment or anything either. I do however have a really poor credit score due to a number of payday loans that are currently being dealt with but surely this wouldn't affect my loan with santander. Has
  7. Hi, i have just seen your message about PDE sending you texts about an overdue account when you are still on a repayment plan. I have been receving those texts for the past 3 days too and i am on a 10 month repayment plan with them and i am about to send my 3rd payment of to them tomorrow. There must be some sort of problem with their system! They are really doing my head in though they have also filed a late payment on my credit report and it says that my current balance is £55 (which i am supposed to be late on) which is a load of rubbish as my balance is £360!! Glad im not the only one havi
  8. Hi, Has anyone ever had any dealings with these? I owe them around £140 and i want to start a repayment plan with them as i cannot afford to repay the interest costs any longer. I went into a live chat with them and they said that i need to make an initial payment first before a repayment plan is set up? Is this correct? Please help!
  9. Ok thanks for your help I shall get a letter drafted up.
  10. Well I hope I have the same experience as you. I have now sent them an email so fingers crossed. How did you cancel the continuous payments authority with your bank? Did you phone them? Just to let you know that I have come to an arrangement with pde for £45 a month for 10 months with interest frozen. I did have to constantly email them as they ignored most of my emails but after about 50 emails they gave in and set me up with a plan! I can send you the email address of the lady who dealt with my plan if you like?
  11. Thanks for the great advice! So have you now come to an agreement with them and did they give you their bank details in the end?
  12. Hi, My worry is though that they won't give me their bank details as every post i have read about them say they have persisted that you can only pay by debit card and also they constantly phone your employer I have to say i am really quite scared about tomorrow!
  13. Hi FrugalJo, I am about to default on my speedeloan payment tomorrow. How did you get them to arrange a repayment plan for you? I have heard they are a nightmare!
  14. Well... after about 60 emails to payday express they have finally given in and have accepted my £45 a month repayment plan!!!! :whoo:They have frozen all interest and charges and have gave me their bank details! Thanks everyone for the advice don't know what i would of done without your help!
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