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  1. Hi there I started my claim back in July but I wasn't always actioning the letters back from them straight away so I guess it could have been quicker. I filed MCOl on the 19th September and only sent breakdown off to DG on friday last week so they seem to be on the ball at the moment Good luck with your claim...money is coming your way!
  2. Hi there I would definately go ahead with the MCOL, so many of the claims are getting lost or delayed. Use the spreadsheet that has the column that calculates the 8% interest from the day of the claim, I can't find the link at the moment..will get back to you later if you can't find it. Im afraid I can't help with the default but am sure someone will reply with an answer. Good luck (I got an offer today so its not far off for you!!!)
  3. Yipppppeeeeeee I can't believe it I won...got a letter this morning from DG Solicitors offering me full payment of £4644.84 so a donation to this wonderful site will be on its way. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice throughout. Now can I send a letter specifying that I want payment into a specific account? or by cheque? Thanks
  4. Ok so I posted off letter, ended up filing MCOL and have now received letter from DG. They want a breakdown of my claim. How incompitant are HSBC ive sent this to them twice already and if I were DG I would be a bit annoyed! Anyway my question is do I just now send them the spreadsheet? or do I need to send them copies of the LBA letters etc. I thought I would also include the following letter Dear Sir/Madam In response to your letter dated 2nd October please find enclosed a breakdown of the claim. I would like to point out that I have previously supplied HSBC with this informa
  5. Hi Hoping that someone can help. I am trying to complete my moneyclaim and wondered what address I should put down for HSBC. I have sent all other correspondance to Colin Langdale at Leeds. Should I use this address or is there a central one? Thanks for your help Sally
  6. Ok my daughter has been ill in hospital and I just forgot all about the 14 days and should have issued on monday. Do you think that I have cocked this up now or should I just go ahead and still continue. To be honest my mind is all over the place and Im not sure what i should be doing next and is this where I now claim interest? How do i issue, is MCOL online? Sorry for so many questions, just hope that someone can help me. I feel bad that ive not been able to reply to others on the beginning stages but what with one thing and another over the last week ive hardly had time to breathe.
  7. Thanks so much for your quick response angie. Shall I just send the standard letter then (LBA one)? I presume I now give them 14 days to respond and then file my claim if I don't hear anything Thanks again Sally
  8. Ok I have had a letter today from Colin Langsdale (although original addressed to Mr Petty and he replied last time) saying the following Thank you for your letter of 6th August requesting a refund of bank charges of £3496.50 going back 6 years. The bank does not agree with your contention that the charges that have been imposed constitute a penalty and are therefore unenforceable. the contract between the bank and its customers is governed by our personal banking terms and conditions. in respect of overdrafts, i would refer you specifically to clause 7.11 in section 2. if you au
  9. Well I sent off my request for statements on 3 accounts and the poor old postie didn't know what had hit him.....think he needed to get a trailer for his bike. I have never felt such a thrill at seeing soooo many bank charges appear before my eyes. After many nights of entering these charges I finally sent off my premilary approach for payment. Should arrive on mr pettys desk this morning...ha ha ha. My claim amounted to £3496.50 so bring it on. If I have to sue and go to court I shall be looking forward to receieving the further 8% on that!! Will keep you up to date with my claim. Tha
  10. Sallyx

    Done it....

    Heard on various posts that Alliance and Leicester seem quite good. Picked up leaflet from halifax today...not sure how wonderful they are?? Any recommendations welcomed!
  11. Sallyx

    Done it....

    Well yes I have sent off for my statements from HSBC today...I know that back in 2000/2001 I was getting a lot of charges when husbands employer went into liquidation. I think I am owed thousands and am excited about getting my statements and totting up all those pounds. Will keep you all posted on the progress!!!
  12. Sallyx


    I there everyone I have been lurking on here for a couple of weeks and reading as much as possible and thought I would say a quick hello...sure this will be the first of many posts!! Well today I thought it was about time to finally write to the bank and put that first letter in the post. I guess I am quite nervous about it all but then HSBC have taken so much money from me in the last 6 years that I will be as hard nailed as possible with them...money pinching whatsits. Good luck everyone in getting your money back
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