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  1. On the face of it you may say that the answer is yes but please bear with me for the explanation. I have been too ill to work for the past two and a half years. My son is now almost 20 and the debits to my Employment Support Allowance were stopped on his 19th birthday. They weree deducting £5 per week from my benefit. There are no other qualifying children. I agree that there are arrears on the account but, in consultation with my MP, the CSA admitted that the arrears were caused by my previous employer being too slow in sending in my details and the failings of the CSA's own internal procedur
  2. thank you very much. I will pursue this with some vigour now.
  3. Caledfwlch...what are the rules about Dr's working for ATOS? The guy that saw me is a registered Dr for Boston Hospital i think?
  4. Coledog..my heart goes out to you and your husband. You must absolutely appeal this awful decision. You ARE allowed to ask the DWP office for a copy of the ATOS report. I was bale to get mine in just two days and even though I was placed into the Support Group for ESA, I was still amazed by what had been written, what was left ouit AND certain assumptions that had been made. Do also try to contact your own local DIAL networl...this is the Disability Alliance group. I was able to talk to a very helpful chap in my area office and he offered to attend my ATOS appointment with me. Just him being
  5. Brief timeline for you. Ex claimed for maintenance for my son; CSA messed up the paperwork; proved that the CSA's internals systems had broken down and caused the arrears on my account; even MP happy that CSA were proved to be wrong... YET the CSA refuse to write off arrears. I went onto ESA (Support Group) and ex still wanted what she could get. CSA take £5 per week out of my benefit. Mid June my son turned 19 and all payments cease. Was told by CSA that because I am on ESA benefit they are unable to collect anything towards the arrears. Would I like to make a contribution they ask? Answer
  6. and isn't this just one of the many iniquities of a system that was too quickly set up and unprepared to be reviewed and amended
  7. The CSA took £5 per week out of my ESA despite my protests that this was causing major financial hardship and that my ex wife was no pauper. She earned her salary plus benefits AND £40/week in undeclared income from cleaning all amounting to £1500 or so a month yet they said I had to pay it and nothing at all could be done about it. Thank goodness it has all ceased since my son turned 19
  8. Just a quick update Lee, I spoke to the DWP and a very nice advisor said she would place a copy of the ATOS report in the post today, 2nd class but still that is much quicker than I would have expected. Fingers crossed it arrives quickly.
  9. thank you Lee...your words and advice are always most kind. I shall keep an eye on the site for the mental health section. Will try the DWP to get a copy of the ATOS report. kind regards again Ian
  10. Hi Lee...I hope you are feeling somewhat better now. It is never nice being unwell. I hope you don't mind if I ask you this question. I do appreciate all your assistance and feedback. I have my ATOS ESA50 to complete again for the beginning of Sept. Is it acceptable for me to request a copy of the previous ATOS reprt on me from last February? It would be interesting to see what was logged about me as I wish to provide some consistency to my next submission. My circumstances haven't changed except that I am now receiving mental health counselling/CBT which was being waited for last time.
  11. Hi Mr History...yes I appreciate you posting the form but the forms we were talking to Lee mack about are the guides she will be writing for how we complete them with the best potential answers. regards
  12. I am sure we all pass our best wishes onto Lee and hope she is feeling better soon. It is never much fun being ill regards Ian
  13. Hi Rebel...I looked on the government yougov website for ET telephone numbers. There was one central number. They asked my region I lived in and where the employer was based. They stated it was the Nottingham office and gave me their telephone number. I rang them, introduced myself and asked how my claim was going as I had heard nothing about any possible Tribunal dates. The chap was very helpful and searched both databases they posses and was able to confirm that NO record of me, the union or the employer was held in relation to me or any claim I wanted to bring. He even sent me a confirming
  14. Hi Rebel...firstly yes union does indeed begin with a 'U' but it is not Unite. It is the other shower. I have indeed been in contact on three occasions with the ET and each time they have told me I ma out of time. My ex employer would also 'cry foul' as well as they would immediately argue that the date is well over the three month limit and that it isn't their fault that Union are so incompetent. I have instigated the Union's own complaints procedure. First email with letter attached went off on 21st June. It took them till 30th June to reply via letter to my home address. I then ha
  15. 1) tax evasion is illegal 2) she has been bleeding me dry for two years with the CSA who refuse to listen to what they are told 3) she is my ex and for five years I knew she was doing this 4) I have heard her discuss this with the neighbour about how to be paid in cash when they didn't realise I was in my garden and could hear every word and 5) If she can lie to her own solicitor what else is she capable of doing It isn't really a question of what business it is of mine. Tax evasion is a crime against all tax payers.
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