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  1. This is what is worrying me Uncle B. The man is a bully with the mindset of a spoiled toddler (much like Trump) He has had his way for far too long and the game he started is not heading the way he saw it going ... and the more it goes wrong the more desperate hes going to get ... How can he get out of this without losing face? So what does a toddler do when hes losing or has been told to go to bed? Have a tantrum. Whilst real toddlers might starfish themselves on the floor, scream and shout and break a few toys .. this man could break the world. I hear he is isolating himself from even his closest advisors, another symptom of Hubris syndrome which he almost certainly has in spades. We can only hope that there is someone close to him that realises what he could do and can get close enough to do something final about it.
  2. TSO Hosting ... This is what they wrote .... We're getting in touch to let you know that your Linux cloud hosting package will be migrated to our latest tsoHost hosting platform based on cPanel We've tried to migrate ourselves before to no avail, they and other hosting companies tried to migrate us too but they were unable to so we plodded along quite happily on our current platform
  3. Hi there, I run an online forum which has been going since March 2017. We renewed our hosting again in February 2021 and yesterday have received an email from the hosting company saying they will be moving us to a new platform in the next couple of months, which we neither asked for or want. Adding insult to injury they tell us of course this will cost more money which they will very kindly send us a bill for. We have tried to move platforms before but no one could migrate us due to a peculiarity of some coding, including this Hosting company. Surely having renewed our hosting this year for the platform we are currently on we have effectively signed a contract between them and us ... Surely they cant just migrate us without our wanting to (which will no doubt fail) and charge us more for the privilege ?? I really need some help here. Thank you
  4. I have been on Universal Credit and Council Tax support since April 2020. I was told, despite being on Universal Credit and a single occupant in my home, I still had to pay a proportion of the Council Tax, which I did ... Then a month or two later I received a cheque for the amount I had paid from the Council Tax. I have just received a council tax bill for this year stating an amount I have to pay ... My question is Do I, on Universal Credit and being a solo occupant still have to pay a proportion of the yearly rate or not. ??/ Thank you xxx
  5. As I'm in the house I have access to all (I think) of most of his documents. What do I need to make copies of and in which years to protect me, if I have to go the legal route, in case if he decides to take them out of the house????
  6. Yes, I had just come back from him when I found the letter. He was very sympathetic and as far as he can be, being happily married, understanding. He is also my husbands doctor so was fully aware of the situation. He offered me counselling which I declined as I loathe crying in front of strangers (tho that didnt stop me yesterday) and a script for an anti depressant, which I accepted but dont think I will fill. Question: Can he divorce me when I have done nothing wrong ?????
  7. I received a letter from a Bournemouth solicitors this morning. I picked it up when I came home from the Docs, filling the car and shopping.My blood ran cold, my vision turned red ... I thought He cant .... Divorce me ... I have done nothing wrong! Is that right?????I sat down and after a hefty gulp or three of my gin I took a deep breath and opened it ... The relief was immense, overwhelming ... It was to do with my Auntie Helen's Estate. She passed away on the 30th April, I went to the funeral on Tuesday (alone) and she had left me the two (valueless) paintings that always captivated me when I visited her. Hes thrown away 15 years together and almost 13 years of marriage and Im having to cope with everything on my own (seriously on my own ... No family and few friends, none of whom are close) and its crucifying me . He calls up and asks if Im ok once a week or so .. What hes really asking is Can I absolve him of his actions .... NO IM NOT OK!.
  8. News! I have just received an amended council tax bill ... That was quick. Do you think they contacted him and he replied or are just taking my word for it? Whilst a good thing, It sort of makes this horrible situation more real and my heart is breaking ... but no, that does not in any way mean I want him back ... well him from a year or three ago yes, but not the thing he has become.
  9. The mortgage (what there was of it) was paid off a few years ago ( by massively overpaying each month and going without holidays, evenings out, fun etc) and the house is in my name. I shall look into universal credit but was always told, by him, that as I was a 'director' of the company and being 'paid' ... ie the money for the household bills ... I would not be able to claim unemployment. I have however applied for reduced council tax ... I did this a week or so after he left and all I have heard so far was a request for his forwarding address, which I have supplied. Since I applied I have paid one months full council tax ... Do they backdate your claim and take any overpayments (in my case almost £50 per month) off an amended bill? Thank you for replying, I feel incredibly isolated and alone at the moment.
  10. Im very sorry to be posting this but Im getting increasingly worried about my current situation and prospective future and need some real advice. I know you can get a free 30 minutes consultation with a solicitor but am very wary of that route. So the story, are we sitting comfortably then I will begin ..... My husband and I got together in September 2004 (we had known each other many years before at various intervals) He lived in my flat (which I owned outright) and insisted that he pay his fair share of the bill.s I was self sufficient with a part time job , could afford the household expenses but agreed. In June 2006 we married, a small affair but perfect (I hate debt and have never been in it) In December 2006 we got a small (£55 K ) mortgage using my credit history and the money from the sale of my flat as a deposit, we moved to a modest house and have lived there ever since. During our time together I have always worked part time and we have always had separate money. In 2014 he formed a small company of which I am a 'director' but my 'wages' go straight into the houses bank account to pay the household bills and the rest of the companies monies were his to spend. I used my wages from my part time job to pay for my needs; haircuts, contact lenses, hobbies etc. Fast forward through the years to January 2018 . I have just been made redundant from my job of 8 years and my husband suddenly decided he wanted a change of lifestyle Having got to know him over the years I knew that he would do this whether or not I agreed so I let him go his way, however right from the first I stated that he could have some fun doing this but there was no way I could or would live with him as a woman full time ... Can you see what it is yet????? During the intervening year and 3 months he has increasingly lived like a single 20 something girl going out as often as he possibly can to bars and clubs until the ... I would say wee hours of the morning, but its shocking how late (or is it early) that these establishments stay open to, coming home drunk and finally 2 months short of our 13th wedding anniversary, he says he wants to separate for a while as we were not getting along very well. I ask him to leave, get hold of the keys to the house and off he trots into the (tequila) sunrise. Since then, April 5th, I have seen him 3 or 4 times, when he has wanted to come and collect stuff, These short meetings do not go well. He says he will be honourable to me, will not leave the house financially insecure but I'm worried. True at the beginning of May he paid in an amount of money to the house account, but that is the only first month that he has been totally absent ... Will he continue to do so, as the guilt of doing this wears off. My friends urge me to seek legal advice, to divorce him but Im so scared .... Everything I have ever had or own is in the house and Im terrified I will be forced to sell it to give him a share of it, We have no children, I have no money, am not able to register for benefits (as I am a 'director' of his company) and as my redundancy money has gone I am now completely reliant on him to fund the house He is very keen to avoid lawyers, would prefer to move back in and co habit. Can I have some advice please?
  11. Thought I would update you briefly... I returned our letter on the date due, getting a signature on receipt and since then ..... NOTHING! Nada Zero Niente Zilch Bupkiss This woman, who instigates such strict time restraints on our responses to her missives ... is a disgrace!
  12. Sorry edit ...one MONTH after request. Some new edit thing has been added to CAG that limits the time I can edit posts ??!!
  13. Thanks guys. The letter (as of post number 37) went into the HA offices at 9 am this morning.... and I got a receipt for it too. We are talking to the other owner occupiers in the Terrace. Out of 10 houses, 5 are owner occupied, One is HA (they had to buy the end house to gain access to the land ) and the other 4 are rented out. Every single person we have spoken to have responded that they have written tothe HA, unanimously stating that they have never been challenged for parking there, have parked there since the building of *** and before and they have never seen the parking area full. I don't think they have a leg to stand on. Apparently there is a clause in the sale agreement that says the residents of our terrace can demand that the HA build a dwarf wall with iron railings at the front of each property should they request it and if requested the HA has to get it built within a week or we can employ peeps to construct it on their behalf and at there cost. If they really get arsey with us I reckon they are going to get inundated with requests for walls with extremely ornate railings!!!
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