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  1. Hi Just after a bit of advice. Around 14 months ago i contacted all my creditors and tried to arrange reduced paymets which i could afford, along with frozen / reduced interest and no charges. All but one of my creditors (Very) agreed. Since then, letters went back and forth between myself and Very with me stating all i could afford to pay was 53.00 per month. I said until we came to some arrangment i would only make a token payment of 2.00 per month as i wasnt prepared to pay 53.00 per month to see it wiped out by interest and charges and for my debt to still in
  2. Would you recommend the above letter if you have recieved a reply but the CCA doesnt contain your signature or any of your details )ie where my name and address should be it is just blank)?
  3. Hi Ive been reading these forums for the last couple of months - and am wondering if anyone could offer advice on the following situation Ive just recieved a response from Shop Direct in response to my CCA request. It is as follows: Re: Credit Agreement Request We refer to your recent requestfor a copy of your credit agreement. Please find enclose a copy of your current credit agreement, which includes all applicable contractual variations and amendments that have taken place since your account was opened. According to our records, your account was opened on 28th June 20
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