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  1. Hi My sons moped was written off after a van reversed over it - non fault He has been receiving letters from his insurer asking for the outstanding premium to be paid, I havent been in this situation before and unsure of - If the remaining premium needs to be paid If the at fault party should cover the unpaid premium is there anything I should be doing instead Thanks in advance for advice
  2. On your very excellent advice of sorting out my paperwork (I have a file that is busting open thats been on the "list" to do for ages, I have found the paperwork from National Windscreens, which does indeed match the date of the "claim" on record for which I could not find the paperwork for. It states who the insurer is and also the Insurance Invoice No with my payment of the excess at £75.00. How do I remove this from being a "claim" thats recorded and has/is causing me a world of pain and additional costs
  3. Understood. For the past couple of years I have had the documentation from the previous insurer who state that the claim I did send the requested documents for, was a non-fault and the claim of the cost was zero, as I have encountered this being recorded on my record when insuring in subsequent years. I do also have my no claims documentation which is 6 years at the current count. I also sent this as requested to OneCall. Who confirmed receipt. The second claim I have zero knowledge of (as have never been involved fault or non fault in any other accident). This is why I requested any info so I could resolve. The CUE database you mention, is this where I could request the details of accidents from - as I am struggling to find where I can collect details such as these which concern myself? The only other "claim" I could think of was the windscreen - which I did get Autoglass to fit. Apologies this may have been vague in my initial explanation. However I will also try Autoglass actually to see who I was insured with at the time if they can provide me another clue to resolving. Co-incidentally the next insurer experience was great and they didnt report the "other claim" as being recorded. I'll write the letter now as suggested...hopefully I'll get some middleground at least. Thanks again
  4. Appreciated - I have indeed been a member for a very long time - I dont always make enough of a habit to log on and keep myself 1 step ahead Will go to the link - appreciated Thanks for coming back to me
  5. Apologies - hope this is a little clearer - Total cost for cover when originally took ou the policy was £950 (annual) When the cancellation letter came through the charges were Total cost for cover £1751.89 (annual) Charge for time on cover £293.42 (% of annual charge for the time of cover until it was cancelled) Broker charges during the policy term £39.00 (onecall fee thats been added for cancelling) Discounts applied to the policy £74.74 (not sure what they mean by this) cancellation charge £55.99 (onecall fee thats been added for cancelling) Total cancellation cost £388.41 (all costs incurred for time of cover, plus fees as above) Amount paid (deposit) £142.00 (this is the amount I paid as the deposit to start the cover) Balance £246.41 is the fee that OneCall require from me Also yes - I have managed to get insured with another insurer No I dont record calls - although will look how to do that right after sending submit. Although I did ask because the conversation was so ridiculous were they recording our calls. The answer was yes. Does this help? Let me know cheers
  6. A bit of advice would be appreciated with the following - Took out policy online with OneCall Documents were requested as usual to be uploaded to my policy portal I have 2 "claims" on my policy The first is a non fault claim for which I have the paperwork to confirm this from the then insurer. I uploaded this document and subsequently held calls with OneCall to confirm that this document was received, read and understood. Also to confirm that this particular "claim" would not affect the agreed quoted price of my policy. The second is a windscreen replacement which I was advised at the time would not affect my claims record. I could not find the insurer at the time of the windscreen replacements details and therefore explained to OneCall that I would hunt down the info and then share with OneCall. I requested the date and the vehicle reg (I have a couple of cars both insured in my name), so I could hunt the details down asap. They could only share with me the year - which was a start. It proved that the time limit that OneCall was pushing on me to find these details was not enough for me to confirm as OneCall started pushing cancellation notices on me. I requested some guidance from OneCall on how I could contact the central claims database and request all the details held about me to resolve this sooner. I was advised to write to the Motor Insurers Bureau, send the fee and I would receive this info. Which I duly then sent off as advised. On the last day OneCall had given me before the cover expired, I was on the phone (I called them as I knew I had to resolve) I explained the situation that I did not have the details of the windscreen replacement, so to keep me insured I said please continue to cover me and I accept any additional charges for the claim - and asked what these were. The agent on the phone said they were not sure if they could do this as the policy was due to expire at midnight. You can imagine I immediately asked why, please explain, please transfer me onto someone who does know and can understand how to resolve this. None of the answers to resolve came. I also confirmed if the agent could see the first uploaded document - to which I now got a no - we havent received it. I uploaded again whilst the agent was on and she said that she wasnt receiving it but did have issues with her pc. I asked her to log on to another PC or indeed ask a colleague to help. None available. I was told however that due to the technical issue of them receiving documents and they could not answer my request of just insure me with the oe claim (until I can confirm and share later down the line) that the insurance would indeed not expire overnight. I was told that I would be contacted in the morning to confirm and resolve one way or the other. The next day came. I did get a call. I missed it. I did return the call soon afterwards (I was working) and then got cut off whilst we were discussing my account. I called back - no answer - had to jump back into my meeting at work. Called again same day and they confirmed that my insurance was cancelled as I had failed to provide the documents. Quick recap - one set of docs were confirmed to be received - plus I had 3 successful docs uploaded from their website over the period of doing so. The second set I didnt have but said please insure me with knowing I will accept a claim on file until I can resolve. Insured with someone else. Done. Next received docs back from Motor Ins Bureau. Nothing in regards to claims are recorded. Just the years and vehicles I was. Next I receive letters from OneCall Debt Recovery demanding £246.41 saying that they will take this amount from the card used to take out the policy. Which I had to cancel the card as I had 48 hours from which the letter landed to when it would be taken. Cancellation charges - Insurance Cost 1,751.89 Charge for time on cover 293.42 Broker charges during the policy term 39.00 Discounts applied to the policy 74.74 cancellation charge 55.99 Total cancellation cost 388.41 Amount paid (deposit) 142.00 Balance 246.41 Shortly later I have received another letter which includes an additional £25 charge for a handling fee. Balance now £271.41. 7 days to pay or court enforcement action will be taken. The letter is dated 13th April. The original cost for the quoted and accepted insurance was 950.00... How would I deal with these incompetent bandits? Cheers!
  7. Thank you for your reply Although I am very grateful - I also feel a little hurt or maybe I have misread your meaning Because I have never grazed into a car I own with a car that I also own - I sought advice from my insurer on what to do. Is this not what brokers are for - advice on the policy and cars covered? Not for one second would I have thought to be taking advantage of my own policies? I figured that because I did have a number of years no claims - that indeed to lose this discount by taking the advice of my insurer, was the sole basis of making the judgement to the low repair cost of the grazed bumpers, to not proceed with a claim. I will challenge the points you make, huge appreciation for helping.
  8. Hi Absolutely thank you for replying I had mis judged turning onto my drive, i slightly caught the bumper of another of my cars, which was also registered and insured as myself as the named driver/owner etc I called the insurance for assistance and they started a claim I looked into the costs of repair for the vehicles and it was sub £200 for both I subsequently paid for both repairs myself I also called the insurer back to say I did not want to persue with the claim to repair via the insurance There had been no services, rental cars - anything, used for by the insurer I can send a copy of the letter to you if this helps which states no claim by any party was initiated at any cost KRs Amanda
  9. Hi - I am lost and would very much welcome some advice Upon renewing a recent policy I changed brokers I submitted all the usual details re claims, no claims discount etc My new broker came back to me to state that there was a discrepancy. The discrepancy was that there had been an entry logged on the claim database dated 13th April 2015. Since I knew I had not made any claims that had processed I looked into this further. My previous insurer sent a letter to me, which I forwarded to new broker, to state the following - Dear Miss Price Further to our recent telephone conversation I can confirm that no claim was made from either party in relation to the incident detailed on the right and that the file was closed with your no claims discount allowed. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us, quoting the claim reference number on all communications. I also have 5 years no claims discount - which would have been negated should there indeed have been a claim 12 months ago. My new broker seemed happy. Yet the next week I receive an email and today a letter, stating that my previous insurer wished this "claim" to remain and now I am being asked to stump up the following additional charges with SEVEN days - £120.73 - Adjustment Premium £50.00 - Administration fee Please advise where or what I need to go/do next as I have the no claims verified and I also have a letter from the previous broker saying no claim from any party was received? Kind regards Amanda
  10. By the way - the bailiffs sent the car registration to Bolton Council, which was a vehicle we didnt even own. Excellent! Bolton Council wrote to us confirming that all charges relating to the bailffs had been cancelled. We now pay £20.00 per month back to clear the debt. Result. Thank you CAG!!
  11. Hi, I have received some excellent advice on here, but I just need a bit more guidance on how to deal with where I am up to currently. Brief overview so far - Barclays overdraft facility in place, owing around £1000.00 Barclays shut my current account of over 12 years on my behalf. Funny how they were never the same with me since I reclaimed bank charges! Barclays continuing to add my account fee of £13.50 per month to the "closed down" account Moorcroft sending letters trying to collect the balance of an overdraft facility overdue including the monthly charges added for months after Barclays had sent me letters confirming my account was closed. I send Moorcroft "prove the debt letters", also a CCA requesting the details under the Act. Moorcroft replied to say they (meaning Barclays) havent been able to trace/find a copy of the CCA and that I can apply to have my details regarding this debt changed in its recording with credit reference agencies. Moorcroft wrote again to say that even though they no have documents regarding the CCA that this does not mean the debt does not exist. Hear nothing for months. Mid January I receive a letter from Home Collection Services to say they have "good news" for me! I can contact them and agree an interest free replayment plan or a substantial discount. Where do I go from here? What is my next move? Much appreciated indeed
  12. Thanks for helping me, I will send the council and bailiffs a copy of the letters that I have so they can see who is the bull****ter! I'll let you know how I get on!
  13. Thanks for that PT, do I just put together a complaint letter stating what I have above about the fees and send a copy to both the council and B&S, I will arrange a Stat Dec in the morning - and send this with my complaints letter? Cheers
  14. Hi, Thanks for the replies....really appreciate how quick you guys are! How do I complain about the fees to get them rectified and who do I complain to? Also, if they have levied the car, and I have the reciept for the purchase in the OH's name and the agreement to pay back OH sister (thanks wonky donkey), am I supposed to keep the car away from the house until this is resolved? How can I resolve it? Cheers guys x
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