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  1. Hope the question is straight forward. In recent inclement weather I hit a patch of black ice on a moorland road and ended up in a very wet bog I called my recovery firm but was told 'accident not breakdown' so reluctantly informed my insurance company, who pulled the vehicle out, trucked to assessors and have now decided the car is uneconomical to repair.g Obvious damage is as follows: At the time of recovery I turned on the engine and gingery reversed it towards the truck as the recovery guy operated the winch. The exhaust was blowing (possibly from the back box being damaged on the moorland grass/a stone) , the front bumper has pulled slightly from the passenger wing (and is showing a couple of tabs), the front passenger plastic wheel arch came away in two pieces and there was a small hole in the back bumper presumably from the same stone that damaged the exhaust. Plus cosmetic scuffs to paint work from moor grass...but car had 12 years worth of scuffs already. Insurance company have offered payout of approx £1700 as a right off or my car back and £1300 (£1700 minus salvage cost). I've never had an accident so never had to mak a claim The insurance company sent me a series of photos to assess for damage but I have not received or been provided with any detailed damages report from the damage assessors. Am I supposed to receive a detailed report on damage/likely cost of repair? I'd like my Zafira back as it has been a reliable vehicle and was informed by my insurer that I could simply make an appointment to collect my vehicle from the assessors compound, inform my insurers that I was in possession of my car and then I would be still be insured to drive it home. However with no detailed information on the damage, other than turning the key and setting off with my fingers crossed, how do I know it's safe to drive away? Is this how things work? Having never had an accident like this it all seems a bit amateur hour! Any replies would be much appreciated.
  2. Took a fixture out of it's packet and didn't pay for it when I bought other items of shopping at a national DIY chain. Was stopped at the exit by 2 staff. One wearing shop attire,the other plainclothes. I was asked and immediately admitted the theft. The uniformed staff asked me to come into the store. He took me to pay for the item with the packet I had discarded. I paid at the card self service point. He then asked me for photo ID but I only had my bank card. He accepted this after the other plainclothes staff indicated it was OK. He seemed to take a photo of the card with a phone. He then asked me to come to the booth so he could take a photo of me with the phone. He didn't ask for my address or any other details. I asked him where the photo went and he said ' crime line'. I said what's that and he said not to worry, that's it, you're fine to go.. I think he could see I wasn't quite with it. After this he said I was fine to go. I said I was sorry for being a fool and he said don't worry we all get tempted. It was all quite odd. .I'm not in the best state of mind due to redundancy, no excuse for theft. . my head isn't quite all there...so wasn't asking the right questions at the time. I presuming that I wasn't allowed to just pay for the item and there is no more consequences? Are there further ramifications? ..and what is crime line? Plus it looked like he was using a mobile phone for his photos ..like his own mobile. .i know this sounds laughable but that can't be correct can it?
  3. Hello there This could well be a very stupid question. I got stopped today by a plainclothed ticket Inspector. I'd travelled from Victoria when the mad rush was on, the escalators are out and the tannoy was blaring "purchase ticket at destination"...I got out at my destination and hadn't swiped my oyster card Victoria. The Inspector checked my ticket on the platform and asked me why I wasn't exiting the station. I said I was and- because I was heading to the stairs (slowly because I had seen the amount of people and guessed that they were having a mass inspection at the top of the stairs) -the Inspector accepted my excuse. He then checked my card, saw that I hadn't swiped in and asked me why I hadn't swiped in. I said that the tannoy in Victoria was blaring "purchase ticket at destination" and the barrier was open, so I'd done as directed. He replied "if you'd have said that at the top of the stairsnthey'd let you through". I said "OK" and- as we were walking up the stairs by then-he actually said "it's OK" to another Inspector who started to check my oyster card when it showed I hadn't swiped in at Victoria. Paranoid by now, I went to the ticket office and tried to somehow pay and cover my back for the journey. The ticket office guy checked my ticket and said I shouldn't worry about it. :jaw:Have I been very lucky or am I missing something here? ....did I somehow bumblingly provided the right answer to avoid having my collar felt or can I still get a horrid shock coming out of the blue through the post? I've never been stopped before so I really don't have a clue. Or have I been given a very big benefit of the doubt by a kindly Inspector..that seems a completely inappropriate combination of two words..kindly..inspector..paranoia and alarm bells. My paranoia says they checked my card and it's got all the travel info on it.... vivvov
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