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  1. I've just experienced the exact same thing. This bank really is unbelievable. I swapped from Barclays and have not only found their online banking extremely poor and basic, but it's true that debits don't show up for 4 or 5 days after making them. Their online banking looks about as old as the man on the front page of their website, which probably sums up the type of clientele they really want. Whatever anyone says, this can make it difficult to know whats in there and with the best will in the world, I don't have the time nor the inclination to write down every transaction - the i
  2. Bad news with CFO I'm afraid - you will get absolutely nowhere with them. That 750 you owe will be over 1500 before the end of the month. They are notorious for not setting up repayment plans and will refuse any attempt to resolve the situation. Just check out a few of the threads on here about them. Also, never ever give them card details or fall for their trap where they direct you to a website to setup a repayment plan, the second they have your card details they'll wipe your account clean. CFO have uncanny ways of getting money out of peoples accounts! Txtloan will send some thre
  3. Hi I dont have any CIFAS warnings nor am I bankrupt (or ever have been) I phoned them today for an update but still no decision made. 5 working days by all account. A lot of effort just for a basic bank account!
  4. *sigh*I tried opening a Cashminder account this morning, my application was referred to the underwriters and I'll here within a week as to whether it's successful I was kind of under the impression a basic bank account doesn't have a full credit check, seeing as I'm not actually applying for credit, but there you go, I guess it does. You know things are bad when this happens, real bad
  5. In short, yes they can have an effect on your credit rating, dependent on whether they companies report the payments. Payday UK, Mr Lender and Safe Loans all report to the credit agencies, as they show on my report. Also, be aware, they may not show up now but the payments can show up at any time! For example, Safe Loans never showed on my credit report until I defaulted and entered a payment plan, now it is on there!
  6. I wouldn't worry about it too much, how do you know that the debt is still classed as active with QQ - have they been chasing you or have you tried to log in to your account to try and get a new loan? 2 very different scenarios, if they are chasing you for the debt then it's a different ball game, you'll need to try and get some kind of confirmation from Mack Hall - maybe a statement of your payments - to prove you've cleared it. If they're not chasing you for the money, I'd forget about it. Just keep an eye on your credit report to make sure it doesn't show up on there. I had
  7. It's disgusting - but what's more concerning is that these people are being given Consumer Credit Licenses This is why I think a lot of complaints made against these companies fall on deaf ears, the government bodies are giving them licenses to trade like this - it's a joke So whats the deal with these 7 day loans, a normal PDL company is only legally entitled to the capital plus one months interest, so would these only be entitled to the capital plus 7 days interest as it's a 7 day contract??
  8. If you borrowed £160 then you only owe them £200 (£160 plus interest of £40), you don't keep adding the interest on every month to the total amount! Your debt is a TOTAL of the ORIGINAL AMOUNT THEY LENT YOU plus ONE MONTHS INTEREST ONLY!!!!!!! For the love of god, please don't be offering them more!! Good luck getting it sorted! Looks like you had some excellent advice already on here
  9. Well here it is - if it gets removed just let me know and I'll DM it to you, but it's public information so no reason why it should? Tel: 0871 2883753* Fax: 0871 2883751 I dealt with a guy called Keith there who works in Credit Control, he was very reasonable. Although his email was the same as all the others use - the info@ address Good Luck!
  10. £62.50 admin fee on a £100 loan??? Christ that must be a record for a payday loan company!! Txtloan I have defaulted with before, after the initial £25 fee you get about another 15 days before the next £25 charge goes on, but they charge you daily interest of 1% I think. After a certain period they pass the debt onto Fredrickson International. They will badger you forever, but you'll be able to setup a payment plan with them, although unsure if they'll drop all the charges - typically a £100 loan is about £260 by the time it gets to them!
  11. Hi Source Just to let you know I defaulted on a loan with AFM and contacted them to let them know, to be fair to them they were actually really good about it and set up a repayment plan straight away with no hassle at all I'd suggest calling them and explaining your situation, they may be reasonable and refund you some of what they took - which to be fair they shouldn't have done but it seems common practice in this industry. Do you need their phone number? I might have it somewhere if you do
  12. Well it's not always the case that you have to get a new bank account - sure it's probably the safest, but not always necessary. I've got 2 barclays current accounts, the one where all the loans came out of and another. I just reported the card stolen from my main account where the loans were linked to and had my salary paid into the other account, and nothing came out of my main account, didn't get any 'Fraud Department' calls from multiple attempts etc - in fact, no problems at all - and I've got a loan outstanding with CFO and if anyones going to get money out of your account it's the
  13. It's hard to say, it may have something to do with the fact they are entitled to the principal sum plus one months interest and all you're offering is the principal??What may seem generous to you, isn't seen in the same way by the people you owe don't forget. Think, if someone owed you £100 and they offered you £60 instead, would you take it??I would think that for amounts like that which are relatively small, the DCA's bought the debts without much room for profit in them, which may be why they're unwilling to play ball
  14. I could only advise on WDA as I haven't dealt with the others (well I have, but a long time ago)I found the best thing to do was actually tell them before the default to avoid charges etc. WDA will accept a payment plan, but they'll ask you to complete at I&E and send a bank statement - for the record, they have no rights to see your bank statement so if you feel uncomfortable don't send it. Also, if you've had the loans a while, make a point that you've always paid on time and have already paid a lot of money in interest - they might be more reasonable with you.I would also advise you r
  15. There are a thousand threads on here exactly the same - take a look at them when you get the time A good start would be telling us who they are with/amounts etc, as every company operates differently you'll get much better advice that way Most important thing is don't panic or worry!
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