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  1. Can a DCA bankrupt you off of an SB debt?
  2. Thanks to both of you... one final question. Would there have been a time limit on them getting a ccj or petitioning for Bankruptcy, ie, 18 days from the Stat Demand? Just trying to establish how long I should fret about this!
  3. Thanks for the advice... am I wrong then in thinking that a CCJ would appear on my CR? I am new to all this, I assumed that if my CR showed no old debts that they would all be SB? I know the last payment on this would have been more than 6 years ago as most of them were set up by a con-man ex, and I found the strength to leave him in early July 05 so therefore there would have been no payments to any debt after this date (and I believe for a few months before as well). To stop any further worries, should I send them a SB letter? I dont want to rear their heads unneccessarily, but this see
  4. So I have been having a sort out today, and amongst a pile of stuff I found an unopened letter addressed to me. Opening it I discovered a letter from Capquest stating that on (date in dec last year) they sent a stat demand to me. As I didnt respond they find themselves with no other alternative but to instruct field agents to personally serve the SD for bankruptcy. I am shaking as I type this. I have not received any such letter from them, and this letter is dated Jan (I am deliberately not giving specifics as I know ppl search these forums). What do I do now? How bad is this? Does i
  5. I feel a bit like Cilla Black, but, "Surprise Surprise" nothing received today either! Off to print the SB letter now.
  6. I make tomorrow the deadline for the CCA request to be fulfilled (i have been away so have not as yet sent them the SB letter- it will be interesting to see if it appears tomorrow!) - Signed as rec'd by them 26.07.11 ... actually, am I right in thinking I should have received it Friday? Maths never was my strong point!! Should I send a combined version of no response to CCA and SB, or should I just do one or the other? Also, if I do send SB letter should I send it recorded again? Thanks!
  7. Do I tackle this mysterious Credit report entry? I know it will drop off next month anyway, but is it even legal? Thanks for all help!
  8. BC said last payment date 29.03.05, went to HFO CAPITAL June 06. Do I wait for the CCA request to come back or just send the SB letter now? I am right in thinking that would be SB? Or should I have asked the default date too?
  9. Can anyone enlighten me on whether they are actually allowed to do this? And what they hope to achieve? Grr!!
  10. I'll have to be brief but will give more detail when I have it all in front of me. Started with their usual threat letters about a month ago, which were accompanied by phone calls including some to my parents house. It's about a Barclaycard which I'm 95% sure is SB. I have CCAd them, recorded delivery states received 27.07.11 Checked both experian and equifax about 2 weeks ago and all was well, no mention of any defaults, this entry has appeared from HFO in the past few days. I did have debts in the past, but also had a conman partner and a breakdown so it possibly is mine, but as I said
  11. So, if any of you have read any of my previous posts I have had a few letters from HFO and have responded in the way everyone recommended. SO imagine my shock and horror, disgust and fear when I check my credit report tonight and a new entry has just appeared, stating that I took out a credit card with HFO services in 3.7.2002, defaulted on 13.09.2005!! I checked my credit report on both equifax and experian in the past 2 weeks, and this was not there - can they just put it on there?!?! Someone please help, this is definitely not correct and I now feel very sick
  12. Hello can anyone explain what this is on a credit report? I've just seen someone stating its harmful - all advice appreciated! Thanks
  13. Thanks again! Because I was wondering if things vary CRA to CRA I paid for my stat report from Experian, and it holds exactly the same information! So, to deal with HFO should I now send them the CCA letter? Incidentally, they've been calling my parents house! And have sent them a letter for me, albeit they got the address wrong, luckily my parents have good neighbours!! :-x:-x
  14. Thanks for the advice... can I just check though, should i not send a request for the CCA first? Maybe I dont really know how to deal with them!
  15. Hello I am a newbie. Due to past debts I have recently obtained my Credit Report from Equifax. It is all green! But I am confused because I am now receiving threatening letters and calls from HFO Services. They are talking about a debt that is not on my Credit Report (although it is possible it is mine and has been statute barred). Should all debts show on a credit report? I understand they "drop off" after 6 years, is that what has happened? I know how to deal properly with HFO (I use another name for them!), but I would like advice on my credit report if possible - do they v
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