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  1. Result: After being put through my paces I have now received a refund from my creditor under sec 75. Thank you for giving me the confidence and tools to pursue.Many Thanks
  2. Thank you all (been away for a couple of days), yes it was a credit card. I am going to write a letter to the retailer recorded rejecting the goods, who have made no contact since we took it back on Tuesday. I will bullet point why and quote what you have told me above which is a massive help. I will also send a copy of the letter to the bank and advise them I want a charge back or will claim under s.75. Years ago if something like this happened you could ring your credit card company and they would refund any amount no quibble, but they make such a song and
  3. Thank you, I knew I must have some protection somewhere. I will fight this with the information I have from here so far. I was given an example by the bank of a customer of theirs who purchased a secondhand car, it was delivered and broke down after 20 minutes and the guy tried to do a charge back because the previous owner didn't want to know, but because the car actually drove for 20 minutes the charge back was refused. We also discussed sec 75 and she said in that case, I had to prove either breach of contract or misrepresentation and I don't think I am able to do this, she said I wo
  4. I have spoken at great length with my bank/credit card provider today and am told charge back only applies to items/services that are faulty on receipt and because the item I purchased worked for 3 weeks (5 days actually in those 3 weeks), it is not covered by chargeback. They have suggested I ring the company again and demand a refund. Did this they said no will repair again and their customer service stinks! their attitude is terrible and quite intimidating. Returned the item again this afternoon and told them to sort it out. Wondered if I should
  5. LOL I have just written to my credit card provider and asked for a charge back, will let you know what they say.
  6. Thank you. What do I do with the faulty item? I will let you know what happens.
  7. Hi I purchased an inflatable Hot tub from a company in Manchester. After three weeks the Heater stopped working. During the three weeks of careful use I considered the item to be of poor quality and due to the heater failing so soon asked for a refund. I was told their refund policy was only valid for 7 days and they would repair it. I took it back for repair and the guy who took it off me told me this was a common fault and he was repairing the heaters on them all the time and that if it broke again, they would just keep repairing it. I collected it ye
  8. Thank you once again, will give Orange some gyp, I am a lot clearer on everything now and am really grateful for your input. Its amazing what an education you can get in two days, especially from CAG. Will keep you up to date, going for a much needed night cap.
  9. Thank you Powlo you have been most helpful. Do you have an email address for the executive office or is it just the customer services one?Orange deactivated something on his phone yesterday to stop it, but when all this is sorted out I think he would like to be able to use the free wifi features at home via our internet. Also do you mean deleting some settings permanently or just disabling them?
  10. Sorry I didn't answer your question, he was just away from the house when these roaming/network charges were being clocked up or out in the car, he wasn't out of the country.
  11. I bought it sim free from Amazon and he just put his own sim card in. There was a £60 Free Airtime voucher with it, but when he rang Orange to activate it they said he would have to change plans and telephone number, and told him if he came off the V plan he wouldn't be able to go back on it, I don't think the Orange advisor explained things properly to him and I know he found him hard to understand because of his accent. AFter speaking with him my husband was reluctant to come off the V plan but in hindsight Orange should have advised him to. Whichever way you look at it, we are in a bi
  12. Thank you for that, forgot to mention it's a pay as you go, but the account he has is an unusual one and no longer available to new users.
  13. I see where you are coming from, I purchased it on line for my husband's birthday so had no proper instructions on its use. Its a Samsung Galaxy Ace. He has always been on Orange, and has a very old account which is no longer available, whereby Orange tops the phone up automatically from his bank account as he uses it.
  14. Hi. I bought my husband a new Mobile on 1st March and today he received a bill for £273.37 for Internet Data. We were unaware (until now) that new phones come with Roaming automatically enabled, my husband is a pensioner and not tech savvy nor can he afford to pay these charges. He did not use this facility, it just racked up charges without his knowledge or warning.He is on the EQ Virgin plan and when he rang Orange to query his bill, he was just told to stop his payment from the bank, pay as much as he could and wait for a Debt collector to contact him. Surley this can't be right?Any adv
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