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  1. Hi everyone, been a while since i last posted. I sent my claim off to Paragon for my ppi and rcvd a reply to say that are concerned to hear that we feel that we have been missold our ppi. They then go on to say that our application was submitted to paragon by the broker Guardian finance. They acted on our behalf in processing the appliaction and were responsible for the sale of the loanand insurance, ensuring that we rcvd copies of the terms and conditions of the loan and insurance , then for answering any questions that may have arisen.the broker handled all paperwork relating to our appliact
  2. I have drafted the letters just one question do i send the claim to Paragon My lender of Guardian Finance who arranged the loan?? many thanks
  3. Please find attached the scanned agreement in pdf format. many thanks needhelpsoon paragon.pdf
  4. Please find attached a copy of my credit agreement, i also have a statement of the charges on my account from the dat eof the agreement to the present day. many thanks needhelpsoon
  5. Can anyone please help or advise, we have very recently had a suspended possession order from paragon person finance. ...however at the time of taking out the loan in 2004 through a broker called guardian finace .. .we were told at the time as a condition of the loan we had to have single or joint ppi and if we could'nt afford joint the single ppi would go against the highest earner at the time being my hubby to be.. ...can we claim the ppi back even though we have a suspended order and if so how the hell do we go about doing this??? also in the arrears total w
  6. No we got there at 9.20am and all of the advisors were busywith other people, the waiting room was surprisingly packed!!
  7. Hi Ell-enn, had the hearing at 10am today and as i had already spoken to paragon to pay the monthly contractual payment plus the arrears they had agreed this was fine, so today we have been given a suspended possession order!! i was so worried but the judge was fab!!! i need to go about getting the unfair charges removed which are included in the total and also try and get my ppi that was initially included in the loan. We ttok out the loan back in 2004 through a company called guardian homeloans and we were told that we had to have the ppi included as part of the loan, so we opted f
  8. We received a letter from paragon this morning regarding the hearing and saying that its not too late to come to an arrangement with them. Our monthly instalment is due monday so we will pay that via debit card, do we start making our extra payment to them as well or pay something towards the arrears and wait till the extra payments are agreed at the hearing. many thanks
  9. What will the judge say at the hearing as we hav'nt filled out their N11M form??
  10. yes, apparantly if i turn up at least half an hour before the hearing i can grab one ....so to speak!! x i've never sent a letter to paragon always over the phone.....but thankfully have always recored the dates!!!alos when the field agent has called i have dated that too....funny that the dates dont match on those tho!!!!
  11. Hi Ell-enn, yes just printed out the statements as per and also the budget sheet and stpled them inthe order as stated. many thanks for your help.... as soon as the hearing is over will you be able to help me claim back the charges and also ppi if not stear me in the right direction?? many thanks needhelpsoon
  12. Hi Ell-enn just printing before i take the envelope to the courts. Just a quick question do we still fill in the N11M form??? or just print these out and take them to the court??
  13. Hi Ell-enn i have emailed you the budget sheet, hope you have rcvd this many thanks
  14. yes i can deliver friday, not a problem. thankyou so much
  15. Hi Ell-enn, that would be fantastic if you would help with the statement, i am so worried i feel sick!! the loan with paragon is an unregulated consumer credit agreement, would this make any difference? also am i able to claim back the ppi as we never asked for it and this has been charged??
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